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Making a passport cover

The materials we need to create the cover: • Transparent passport cover; • Brown pastel paper; • • Scrapbooking paper in light brown colors, 15 * 15 cm sheet and several small rectangles any size; • Picture for scrapbooking with a girl; • Cutting brown little butterflies; • White rep ribbon in black peas; • Double-sided tape; • • Acrylic stamp “Passport” ; • Two silver metal corners; • Black ink pad; • Optional e materials: gum, pencil, ruler, scissors.
 Materials for the cover
Cut off half a sheet of brown pastel, apply a passport and cut a rectangle of 12.5 * 18 cm.
attach passport
 and cut the rectangle
Divide the rectangle in half,we draw an invisible line for bending with scissors.
 Divide the rectangle in half
 we are running the line of the sight
We get the blank for the passport in the folded form size 9 * 12.5 cm.
 We receive a passport blank
Try on the blank in a transparent cover.
Trying on blank
 in a transparent cover
Getting to the top. On a sheet of scrapbook paper we measure a rectangle of 8.5 * 12 cm, cut it out. This is for the front cover.
 measure a rectangle
 we cut out
We glue the back part from two rectangles to also get one 8.5 * 12 see. Vertically we sew on a typewriter a rectangle of paper of a different color,as in the photo below.
 we glue two rectangles together
get one size
sew one more rectangle
And in the same way on the sewing machine we sew one more rectangle, but it's smaller. We attach a ribbon to the picture with the girl, wrap it and paste it with small pieces of scotch.
 glue in small pieces
To the picture with the girl
apply ribbon
We attach a picture to scrapbook and sew with started the ribbon. And then the whole picture in a circle, the second blank is also sewn on a typewriter. On a separate sheet of white paper we stamp the inscription “Passport”, cut out a rectangle with the inscription.
 sew the ribbon first
 We sew the inscription
We sew an inscription on a typewriter. On small pieces of adhesive tape, glue both parts onto the base of the cover.
 paste both sides
 sew both sides
And by circle both sides of the circle.
 flashing both sides
 glue the metal corners
In the corners at the top and bottom with a glue gun we glue the metal corners and two notches of butterflies. We put in a transparent cover and a new cover for a passport is ready!
 Passport Cover

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