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Proper Hair Care

Healthy and beautiful hair is always the dignity of an attractive woman, they add confidence and a sense of irresistible. But not all women nature can give luxurious hair, most often have to put a lot of effort in order that they look really gorgeous, regularly care for them, so that they shine with health, strength and beauty.

Naturally, hair requires daily care. At a minimum, you need to wash them with shampoo every day, and you should not forget that the shampoo should match the type of your hair, otherwise the desired effect will not work. If the shampoo is chosen incorrectly, then the hair can be electrified (i.e. will be overdried), look thin and unhealthy, and many other unpleasant and unattractive effects can occur. In order that hair well combed, were more smooth and brilliant, after washing with shampoo use the corresponding balm or the conditioner.Do not forget that such products are applied not from the roots, but from about the middle of the hair to the ends, otherwise the hair may look oily and not well-groomed. Also remember that hair can not be washed too hot or cold water, it will only hurt them. After the hair is well washed, you can rinse it with infusion of a decoction of nettle and burdock roots, then they will be more luxuriant, and the hairstyle will be more voluminous.

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If for hair styling you have to use thermal rollers, curling irons or irons for leveling, then do not forget about the use of special thermal protective agents (sprays, balms that do not need to be washed off and other). Such means well protect hair from exposure to high temperatures, do not glue them and do not weigh down. As a rule, these products contain amino acids that strengthen the hair, while making it more manageable and easier to comb.

The process of combing hair is also very important. Firstly, it is not advisable to use a metal comb, as it can injure both the scalp and the hair itself. It is best to use either a wooden brush or a plastic comb with natural bristles. Start combing from the ends of the hair, gradually rising to the roots. As for hair accessories, it's worth mentioning that the elastic bands should not be too tight and narrow, since they will tighten the hair, and this can lead to damage to the bulbs and hair loss. It is better to give your preference to soft and wide elastic bands. For the same reason, hairpins and various clips also can not be too tight hair.

Little effort, a little time and your hair will always be healthy and look gorgeous.


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