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Roof: what material to choose?

Parents have a dacha in the Kiev region. We want to replace the old roof (ordinary slate) with something more modern. What material to choose?
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Take soft shingles. It is not difficult to lay even on their own and looks very decent. From modern materials for the roof is the best option.
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The easiest and inexpensive option is a professional leaf, it is also called a professional flooring. Mounted incredibly simple. If you take a coating against corrosion - for many years you will not know the problems with the roof.
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As an option, consider buying a metal tile - this is the perfect ratio of price and quality. You can look at it, for example, here:. Matte finish looks particularly impressive. And the color can be chosen in tune to the other materials in the house. Usually choose brown, burgundy and green.
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I recommend to choose a bituminous (soft) tile.

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