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Rules for choosing furniture for a restaurant in the showroom

Ivan Orlov
Ivan Orlov
January 9, 2017
Rules for choosing furniture for a restaurant in the showroom

The Russian furniture industry is developing rapidly and is gaining wide popularity among consumers. At the PIR Expo exhibition held in Moscow, restaurant furniture manufacturers presented the latest innovations, and OTTO STELLE received the special attention, which presented fifty new models at once.


The site where the new furniture for restaurants, cafes and bars is presented is http://www.ottostelle.ru. On its pages you can see all types of products (more than 300 units) and see the portfolio of the company. OTTO STELLE company offers restaurateurs not only to familiarize themselves with the online catalog, but also to visit the showroom where the best samples of restaurant and hotel furniture are exhibited.

If you want to see how the ready-made samples of restaurant furniture that you like look like, come to the showroom to independently assess the quality of the product and its functionality. Meeting with the designer will allow you to:

  • select furniture for restaurants, cafes and bars, consulting with professionals;
  • estimate the size of the furniture and adjust them if necessary;
  • choose upholstery fabric from a wide range of materials, samples of which are always available in the showroom;
  • discuss with the representative of the company the possibility of making furniture to order by an individual design;
  • Sit on chairs, armchairs and sofas to assess how comfortable the guests of your establishment will be in them;
  • see samples of the materials from which the furniture is made, and select the most appropriate;
  • See how these or other pieces of furniture are combined in a certain color combination and from different materials.


Advantages of furniture OTTO STELLE

The quality of OTTO STELLE products has long been appreciated by the owners of the most popular establishments not only in Moscow, but throughout the country. Luxury furniture designed for restaurants, cafes and bars, made from the best materials and for a long time maintains the perfect appearance, emphasizing the impeccable design of the room.

By visiting the showroom, you can get detailed advice, pick up material for the manufacture of furniture and make an order on favorable terms.It is very important to pay attention to the characteristics of products necessary for a competent planning of the space: height, width, diagonal dimensions.


Before a batch of goods is made, you will be given a test sample, which you can test and make corrections to acquire truly comfortable and high-quality exclusive furniture.


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