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Save space wisely! Invisible bed do it yourself.

Posted by: MutliCrew

It has long been thought to build a so-called wardrobe bed. In the daytime, it looks like an ordinary wardrobe; at night, a full-sized bed. The idea of ​​saving square meters in his two-room apartment contributed to the realization of the idea, and after a long time they scratched their hands after office work on a drill and a screwdriver. Physical work was preceded by mental work: sketches, drawings were drawn, dimensions were reconciled. And so, after approval by the family council of the final sketch of the bed and the choice of colors, the company engaged in cutting the chipboard was ordered the appropriate parts for the future bed.
1. A start.

2. The basis of the bed itself was taken as an orthopedic base and mattress with a sleeping bed of 180 x 200 cm used at that time.

3. Remove the so-called lamellae - strips of birch plywood, curved arc.

4. Thinking that few furniture legs could adequately support the weight of the future bed, it was decided to install the base of the cabinet on two bars of 40 X 50 mm.

5.Mark the seats under the side of the cabinet.

6. Dock the base of the cabinet with its side panels.

7. Fasten the top panel.

8. The "skeleton" of the cabinet is ready.

9. Fasten the "skeleton" to the main wall of the apartment.

10. Particular attention - this "tool." All work was done in the apartment, there were a lot of chips. Therefore, it was taken as a rule: drilled a hole - immediately take it with you.

11. We proceed to the installation of the bed frame using the mechanism for lifting the bed and gas springs.

12. An important knot of a bed - in this place the biggest loads.

13. We connect ...

14. We connect ...

15. Strengthening ...

16. Voila ...

17. We install the facade in the form of improvised wardrobe doors. By the handles the bed will be transferred to a horizontal position.

18. Side lockers - for bedding. Cabinet eaves - he bed leg. Subsequently, you can install lamps in the cornice, equip the cabinet with additional shelves, but that’s another story ...

19. Actually the result itself. Thank you for attention.


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