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Scarf-yoke. How to wear?

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Scarf-yoke. How to wear?

In fashion again returned from the recent past, scarves, pipes or collars. Today, these scarves are also called, round scarves or a scarf loop. Today, scarves of this model can be both fur and knitted, and knitted. They can also differ in length and are divided into long and short, as well as wide and narrow.

The choice for each woman of fashion is great, but even after such a purchase, certainty cannot come, because for this model of scarf there are a large number of variations on how to wear a scarf. You can find photos of such variations on sets of sites, however, you will not always be able to get detailed instructions that will tell you how to wear a scarf and how to best fit it. The scarf-collar is considered a very successful acquisition, since the most inconspicuous blouse or jacket can be decorated with a bright and beautiful scarf collar. Thanks to him, the outfit will be able to acquire a new sound and become stylish, expressive and spectacular.

How to wear a scarf

What can be worn with a scarf

The scarf collar is very comfortable especially in the cold season. It will be perfectly combined, both with a classical coat, and with a sports jacket or a down-padded coat. So, for example, a scarf, draped over a coat, can give a special softness and elegance to your image, while a scarf draped over a jacket will give you enthusiasm and mystery. In addition, you can wear a light scarf even in the room as an accessory that can perfectly decorate your simple blouse or sweater.

Ways of tying the scarf

  • The easiest way to wear such a scarf is in the form of loops (the number of loops will depend on the length of the scarf). This method is perfect for both indoor and outdoor.
  • It is considered a very interesting way to wear such a scarf, putting it over your head, while the other half of the scarf should fall on your shoulders. So you can get 2 in 1 - hat and scarf.
  • You can also fold in two or three loops scarf-collar. How to wear it? Put the scarf on the neck first, then straighten the top loop and put it on your head. In this case, if the intersection of the scarf cloths is in front of you, then you will get a semblance of a hood, if in the back - an oriental turban.
  • This type of scarf does not have to be worn around the neck or head. It can also be pulled on the shoulders.This way can give a multi-layered look to your image.
  • If you bought a long scarf, then you can use it as a bolero. Straighten the scarf behind your back, pass your hands into it and lift the canvas up, then stretch it over your shoulders.
  • You can also use in the form of a vest scarf clamp. How to wear? You can find a video about a more detailed tie scarf in the form of a vest at the end of our topic.
  • In addition, this round scarf can be worn in the form of a dress, top or skirt. Everything will depend on the scarf itself, and on your imagination.

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