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Serena Williams showed the ring for $ 2 million

The list of the most expensive engagement rings was replenished with another jeweler's masterpiece - the ring that Alexis Ohanyan presented to his bride, Serene Williams. The tennis player who played the wedding a week ago, as if accidentally flashed an ornament in Instagram, showing subscribers how her daughter Olivia grew up (the baby is already 2 months old!). As someone noted in the comments, the ring seems larger than a girl - the size of the emerald-cut diamond, which is distinguished by stepped edges, is really impressive! The cost of the decoration was estimated by experts at $ 2 million (the state of the groom, by the way, $ 9 million, so you can’t call this guy stingy!).

Publication from Alexis Olympia Ohanian, Jr. (@olympiaohanian)Nov 22 2017 at 7:12 PST

Serena shared with the details of her wedding look. She made an oath in a dress from Alexander McQueen, which was created especially for her by the creative director of the brand Sarah Burton. And Anna Wintour, an old friend, the chief editor of Vogue magazine, helped me to choose the style. The bride wanted to feel weak and strong at the same time, but how to do it in a dress,similar to what princesses wear in fairy tales? The way out was found: instead of shoes, the bride went out to the groom in Nike sneakers! Yes, yes, we are not joking! True, they sparkled like a disco ball thanks to the designer Michel Meraki, who decorated them with rhinestones in the Versace style.


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