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Shelled face: what to do?

Peeling of the skin on the face is a nuisance that can spoil the mood. Almost every one of us knows firsthand how uncomfortable it is when the skin tightens and peeling begins. Dry skin, redness and itching are difficult to disguise with foundation or powder, they immediately roll off and seem to crack, making the face unattractive. Oily skin also has the ability to peel off, creating additional problems for the hostess. For a start, let's see what makes a face peel off?

External causes

External causes - the impact of the environment on our body. Winter frost or direct rays of the sun can bring the skin into a painful state.

Decorative cosmetics also need to be able to use. What if the face is peeling off? Examine your cosmetics, the way you use it. Perhaps it is she who does so much harm. Before applying on the skin of any funds, you must comply with hygiene requirements. Clean the skin beforehand, monitor the shelf life and whether the product is suitable for your skin type.There are cases when it is enough to simply change the line of cosmetics and the skin begins to shine health again.

Principles of skin care

  • Regularly clean the skin from cosmetics and dust. This must be done at any time of the year. The pledge of your skin health is cleanliness.
  • Instead of the usual soap, use a special foam for washing, which cleans the face, without tightening it or drying it. Especially if by nature you are not endowed with silky and smooth skin.
  • Do not wipe your face too hard with a towel so as not to hurt or damage the skin. Better blot your face with a napkin or soft towel.
  • To remove dirt from deep pores, use tonics and lotions, they are very deep clean.
  • Under no circumstances go to bed, do not wash off cosmetics. Daily washing, you should follow yourself as a rule, getting used to it as brushing your teeth.
  • Look at the content of your cosmetics, it should not be alcohol, which dries the skin. Cosmetics should be natural, preferably, well-known brands.

Bad ecology has a negative effect on our skin. Peeling occurs from various factors: dirty air, the influence of ultraviolet rays, low temperature, bad water.If you have a face that doesn’t know what to do, you don’t know, then start by providing yourself with filtered water. Very soon, you will notice a pleasant change.

Internal causes

The internal cause is much more dangerous than the external. It is not so easy to eliminate because it lies in the body (diseases, lack of sufficient vitamins, hormonal failure). Cosmetics here will be helpless, peeling will return quickly. Take the problem seriously.

From a lack of vitamins, most often in winter, the skin of the face is flaky. What to do in this situation? Use everything you need for your own body's health:

  • Vitamin A (butter, liver, carrots, parsley, pumpkin, spinach).
  • Vitamin B (black grain bread, fish, cabbage, dairy products, cantaloupe, apricots).
  • Vitamin E (seeds, cucumbers, radishes, nuts, broccoli, potatoes).
  • Vitamin F (fish, black currant, corn, vegetable oils).

If you want to restore the skin, use these products regularly, then peeling and itching will not be scary. There are also vitamin complexes, they are sold in every pharmacy.Consult a doctor before purchasing such a complex.

Lack of fluid in the body - an additional reason for peeling. There must be enough moisture in the body so that the body can function normally. Drink per day at least 1.5 - 2 liters. still water.

Home care

The skin begins to peel off if dead skin cells form on its surface. Soft scrubs are able to clear the top layer of dead particles. You can buy a scrub in any store or make it yourself. Coffee and cucumber scrubs can make any woman at home.

Cucumber scrub:

You will need to grate one cucumber, then mix it with flakes "Hercules" (2 tbsp.). Within 30 minutes to insist the mixture, and after a light circular movements applied to the skin of the face. Leave for 10 minutes and rinse with warm water.

Coffee scrub:

Add a few drops of aromatic oil to the coffee grounds. Apply to the skin, massage for 10 minutes and rinse with warm water.

Care for your face, nourish it, and it will shine with health and youth!


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