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Simple hidden wiring detector

Very simple hidden wiring detector. Everyone can gather. All the parts are in principle available. It is assembled on the super-sensitive transistors BC547. The power source 6V I personally use dead batteries krone from a multimeter. The arrow on the diagram is the antenna of the detector.
So, about the assembly:
Because. The scheme is very simple, I collected it with a canopy. On the photo is a diagram with a plug for the crown
It was decided to assemble a body for it, I took a box from under the ballast of fluorescent wall lamps:
Then you put aluminum tape as an antenna:
Found some kkumulyatory at 1.5V (do not know from what) a little thinner than mizinchikovye batteries. Took 3 pieces of this 4.5V circuit from this also works:
He pierced the holes for the LED and the switch (switch already inserted):
He shoved everything inside and soldered the antenna to the tape:
Here  deviceintheassembly:
I wish you successful assembly !!!

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