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Soup from white frozen mushrooms, recipe with photos

A simple recipe for a delicious soup with frozen porcini mushrooms

Mushroom dishes are traditional for many national cuisines, because they are very nutritious, tasty and, at the same time, low-calorie, because mushrooms contain a lot of protein and a very small amount of fats and carbohydrates. Therefore, it is not surprising that soups made from champignons, honey agarics, chanterelles and ceps are traditional for Russian cuisine, and many hostesses prepare these dishes both for holidays and for everyday meals. Especially tasty and healthy are the first courses, which include porcini mushrooms (another name for them is boletus mushrooms), as they have not only a delicate and rich taste, but also give the food a special flavor.

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Delicious recipe for ceps soup, photo

Boletus mushrooms are edible mushrooms that can be used to prepare various dishes, ranging from baking and soups to salads, and in cooking, they use fresh, dried, frozen, and pickled boletus mushrooms.But if it is quite difficult to find fresh mushrooms in the winter or early spring, then frozen ones, which by their taste practically do not differ from fresh ones, can be purchased at any supermarket. Therefore, for the first courses it is best to use boletus mushrooms that have succumbed to freezing - they are easy to prepare, and in the prepared dish it is difficult to distinguish them from freshly cut ones.

A simple recipe for a delicious soup with frozen porcini mushrooms

Cooking a soup of frozen mushrooms is quite simple, it does not take much time and expensive products to prepare this dish, so it is not surprising that this soup is the favorite food of many of our fellow citizens. According to the recipe below, you can cook a delicious soup of frozen mushrooms for 40 minutes; the quantity of products is calculated on 8 portions of soup.


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