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Spring makeup

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Spring is a special time of year. This is the brightest season of the year. The first rays of the sun, flowers, leaves on the trees - all this gives people a feeling of joy and happiness. Fashionable makeup in the spring will help girls look amazing. After a boring frost, when you do not feel like painting and leaving the house, you again have a desire to become beautiful.

Women love high-quality cosmetics and make-up. In the spring it is important to change the attitude towards life and appearance. A make-up will help create a complete image.

Spring Makeup Features

This season, the feature of spring makeup is freshness and naturalness. Spring passes under the sign of naturalness and femininity. It is important to note that stylists choose minimalism for the first time in many years. This image is called nude look. It is based on a combination of neutral tones without rich hues. The plus of this makeup is that it will suit any face shape, age and skin type. A gentle shade of lips, a flickering tonal base and gentle strokes on your eyes - this is what will make you irresistible in the spring.

Spring makeup

According to professional makeup artists, in the current season, the use of any cosmetics remains at a minimum. Especially for daytime make-up. If you want to highlight your personality in a rich tone, then an emphasis on lips is allowed. At the same time choose shades of orange and scarlet. They are in trends at any time.

This spring, all the stylists in one voice say about the naturalness and naturalness. Thus, bright saturated tones will have to be put aside.

In the evening you can make makeup bold. For this purpose, colored shadows are suitable. Looks great and the style of smoky eyes. This spring fashion is considered the image of "the truth of the French." As you know, French women spend half an hour on makeup, but after applying it their face does not change. The main rules of natural makeup:

If you choose the nude style, then blend cosmetics as much as possible. Clear boundaries are not allowed here;
before you create a natural make-up, be sure to spend a cleansing of the skin. In addition, it is important to carefully prepare the face, mask the imperfections using a tonal tool;
the shade of the base should completely repeat the natural tone of the face;
eyes painted with pastel shades;
When using glitter or lipstick, use your fingers, not a brush. Movement should go from the middle to the edge.

Variety of spring makeup

In fact, a variety of options for spring makeup is great. It varies depending on the shade of the eyes and skin, the cause and mood. Of course, trends and fashion change every season. If you appear in public with blue shadows, bright red lipstick and crimson cheeks, then this "hello from the 80s" surrounding perceive ambiguously.

So to create the perfect make up is not enough to buy the entire range of cosmetics in the store. Your own vision of make-up may not comply with the rules and regulations. Therefore, if you want to look attractive, you should listen to the advice of experts and makeup artists. Consider the popular options for spring makeup:

Naturalness in everything.

As mentioned earlier, natural make-up is relevant today. To create it all shades of beige color are suitable. Perhaps the world is tired of unnatural beauty and neon shades. Natural beauty is gorgeous, and it's hard to argue with that. Only the main thing that this beauty was healthy.Few people like acne and blemishes on their face. Natural makeup should cause the association of youth and freshness. This is the most important for spring.

Spring makeup

To achieve the effect of natural makeup will take a little effort. The key condition is healthy clear skin. And it is achieved through the use of proper care products and a suitable foundation for the tone. Matte skin is relevant, so apply cosmetics to achieve this effect. Apply foundation under make-up and carefully distribute over the skin.

Despite the relevance of the nude look style, it is allowed to add shades and accents to the image. Professionals advise to highlight the lips.

For the current season it is better to choose cosmetics enriched with oxygen. If you suffer from bruises under your eyes, then by all means mask them. Natural make-up does not tolerate flaws.

Make-up is fixed, which should match your skin tone. Eyelashes color in brown, choose a rouge in shades of a peach, and on lips impose a colorless shine.

Bright lips.

To get a bright image, you will need to create a natural make-up with the addition of saturated lips.Such a spring option is appropriate for going to a restaurant, club or theater.

In spring, not only the favorite scarlet lipstick is relevant, but also plum and brown tones. Of course, they do not fit each. Therefore, if you decide to highlight the lips, then choose the right shade.


The idea of ​​creating a romantic makeup comes with warm spring evenings. It's so nice to walk May evening in an embrace with the second half. Romance refreshes the senses, so by all means try a similar make-up.

To obtain this image again, you need makeup in the style of nude, but only on the skin. To achieve the romance of the image you will need bright shades of shadows: pink, green, lilac. Apply a little on the eyes to highlight. If you want to use a pencil, it also requires a bright shade. This will give the image of ease. Lip up with pinkish gloss, lipstick will not work here. Complete the image with curly curls.

Bright image.

If you do not consider yourself a romantic person, and you don’t like this look, try a bright make-up for spring. Here various experiments are allowed. This style requires a bright selection of eyes, lips and eyebrows.It is possible to apply 5 shades of shadows to the eyes at once, to complement them with gloss. Do not forget to use long eyelashes.

To give a person freshness and unusualness, eyeliners of different shades are used. To begin, circle the eyes with a black one, then apply a blue or green line above.

If romance and nude style are not for you, feel free to experiment with bright colors. The main thing is that the tones suit your color type.

Consider fashion trends and trends, but remember, the main thing is that the chosen image suits you and does not spoil. Bright lips are not always appropriate. More profitable look all the same natural tones. But they do not always help to stand out, especially if you have a photo session. Try different options to find the right style.

Spring makeup for blondes

For all types of makeup for blondes, for spring in particular, it is important to take into account such a nuance: the lighter the tone of the curls, the colder the tones are required for make-up. The rest of the nuances are selected depending on fashion trends and personal preferences.

Spring makeup

Since this season reigns natural, the fair-haired beauties almost do not need to do anything.Stylists advise the use of light tones, light powder and a small amount of black ink. For lips and cheekbones, choose light colors: peach or pink. This image is perfect for spring.

For everyday make-up, all natural tones use relevance: beige, brown, pink. In addition, shades of gray are also suitable. The natural color of the lips, a little emphasis on the look - makeup is ready.

For a festive make-up, experiments are allowed. Stylists advise to combine several tones for the eyes, to paint the eyelashes in blue or brown, and to apply natural shine to the lips. Those who use eyeliner, it is important to know that in the spring will suit chocolate and gray tones. But remember that when you highlight the look, you should muffle the shade of the lips.

Brown-eyed blond beauties fit shades of gold. They are suitable for brunettes. Eyelids should be applied in shades of bronze color and eyelashes covered with chocolate-colored mascara. Lip up with golden pearl lipstick. Shadows and blush should be painted as if they were turning one into another. Blonde beauties should choose pastel shades, and brunettes can try out rich colors.But in both situations, the use of contrast and clear transitions is excluded.

Spring makeup for brunettes

Owners of dark hair should use these shades in the spring: purple, gold, violet, purple. The brunette's spring makeup should show that her femininity is awakened after a winter sleep. The skin should radiate vigor, lightness and be radiant.

Spring makeup

Brown-eyed and dark-haired girls should focus on the use of lilac. A cheekbones highlight pink and creamy color. You can accentuate the look by using a carcass and a pencil in black. Lips should not be too high: a maximum of natural shine.

Owners of green eyes and tanned skin will suit makeup in the image of the Titian Madonna. The skin tone should be smoothed with a light shade, and the following tones should be applied to the eyelids: golden red, delicate pink. They will give the look of mystery and expressiveness. Almost transparent shine with a caramel shade is suitable for this style.

For brunettes and blondes, there are separate rules for make-up. It is important to take this into account when creating the spring image.

Owners of tanned skin should still try out a make-up in purple tones. Shades of a terracotta shade with a purple hue make the look expressive.If the color of the iris is green or hazel, then use mascara in chocolate color. Blue eyed black mascara. In this make-up, lips are highlighted with red lipstick and covered with shine.

When choosing a base for make-up, it is worth remembering that in springtime it should be weightless, almost invisible. The right choice of foundation helps to achieve flawless skin. In the spring the basis with effect of a matting or moistening will be ideally suited.


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