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Spring trend and how to wear it: ballet flats

Recently, the world of trends has become so multifaceted that we have already forgotten about such a concept as the it-thing, invented by fashion magazines in the 2000s, to characterize one novelty, which all of a sudden suddenly began to wear. Now you even remember these times with a slight nostalgia, when a picture of a Sunday shopping center comes to mind, where all the girls are in uggs, plush costumes, with a pink phone in their hands and a bag for a reptile, and not like now - in 50 shades of gray in the normcore style.

And yet one thing we still suspected of “virality” last year and we expect that its high point will begin in the spring and you simply will not meet anything else on the streets. We reveal a secret that is no longer a secret: these are ballet flats with high lacing and narrow nose, which in the autumn flashed by almost unnoticed by the profile shoe brands like Tabitha Simmons or Loeffler Randall, and in the spring-summer 2016 season they appeared in Jimmy Choo, Michael Kors , Isabel Marant, Aquazzura and many mass-market brands ranging from Zara and Topshop to Forever21 and Steve Madden.So get ready: this spring and summer ballet flats are guaranteed to be everywhere. The question remains: what to wear with this model, when the weather will, of course, allow us?

Ballet shoes with lace Zara
Ballet flats with lace River Island

With a denim dress

Mini-dresses of “dangerous” length are asked to join these ballet flats, because a high heel or any other overly attractive pair of mini shoes will look weird. And if you take the beige ballet flats for the experiment for the experiment, then the good old trick comes to mind, as it seems to be taller and slimmer, because in light-colored shoes with a narrow toe and longitudinal details (in this case lacing), legs really look longer.

Street style

Suede skirt

Isabelle Maran, as the chief adept of the hippie style among designers, made her version of the ballet flats in the style of the 70s - made of suede with rivets and woven laces. It turned out such a festival romance, which can be complemented by things synonymous in style - a skirt or shorts made of natural-colored suede, a white loose top or a tunic, and reckless jewelry.

Street style

With things in the men's style

In place of this shirt from denim and high-waisted jeans, there can be a men's shirt and the most boring (but necessarily shortened!) Pants that you have long lost interest in.Jacket and ballet flats with lacing are responsible for the elegance and elegance of the image, so the "lower layer" is allowed to be simplified to basic things.

Street style

With working white top and optional black bottom

In this image, everything is perfect: from contrasting laces on ballet shoes and a double-layered jacket to a fur clutch and an extraordinary shade of the skirt - and despite the fact that individually things look original, they don’t look eccentric. Ballet flats fit perfectly into the image, because sneakers or stilettos would fundamentally change the whole picture, and this pair looks so invisible, but refined, as an illustration of the term smart casual.

Street style

With a long coat and short pants

In this comfortable even in appearance, the passion of designers is embodied to dress us “at home”. If it were 2013, then sharp-nosed pumps would have to be in place of these ballet shoes, if 2014 is sandals with straps all on the same high heels, but in 2016 you can finally relax, go down with heels, buy a coat with a silhouette of a bathrobe, borrow a high-neck sweater from a boyfriend and work out a little more pofigistic approach to your appearance.


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