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St. Moritz - luxury ski resort

Among the regular guests of this small town located in the valley of Engadin, Switzerland, King Carl Gustav himself and his family, as well as representatives of other royal dynasties, stars of world show business, billionaires and politicians.

This town is often called the real capital of the Alps, despite the fact that it is home to just over 5,000 local people. This world-famous ski resort can not be called cheap or at least affordable, here rich people from all over the world love to relax, bathing in luxury and high level of service.

Today, St. Moritz is a real symbol of the entire ski holiday, which boasts its 150-year history, many luxury hotels, restaurants, boutiques, as well as a developed tourist infrastructure.

It is hard to believe that almost until the end of the 19th century it could be called an exclusively summer holiday destination, where travelers in the warm season came to the waters of the famous healing spring.

Who knows, maybe everything would remain so, if not one host of a local hotel, who argued with traveling Englishmen. He argued that those will be able to have a great rest in St. Moritz in the winter, which, in the end, was confirmed, and for the small town everything changed radically.

Since then, this place is always ahead of the time: it was the first to have electric lighting, opened the first ski school, let the tram through the snow, held the very first golf tournament in the Alps and, subsequently, the small town became the capital of two winter Olympics.

This ski resort quite often scares away those who want with its high cost and luxury, but those who still decide to go there (and I must say, a lot) must return again and again, because it's worth it! By the way, St. Moritz surprises with its unusual climate and nature: in the year there are already 322 sunny days, it is almost never cloudy and rainy here, everything is ideal for skiing and summer relaxation.

How to get to St. Moritz?

The simplest option is the railway, Zurich-St Moritz, the journey will not be long, because the distance is only 210 km.Who does not like trains, can take regular buses that go from the nearest major cities, for example, Zurich, Munich or Milan. By the way, travel time, what is on the bus, what is on the train is approximately the same, about 4 hours.

Recreation and entertainment

So what to do in such a beautiful place? Believe me, there will not be bored here, because for visiting guests there are a lot of diverse entertainment, exciting activities and attractions. It all depends on what time of year you hit the St. Moritz.

If it is winter, then, of course, the first thing for which people come here is just a ski holiday. Most of the slopes, like the entire resort, were divided into two main parts - one near St. Moritz-Dorf, it is called the Naira peak or Corvilla, as well as the Corvach glacier, which lies south of St. Moritz-Bad.

In principle, this division is rather conditional than real, so it does not matter in which hotel and on which side you stayed, it’s quite possible to reach each highway using a well-developed transport infrastructure.

In total in the area of ​​St. Moritz, there are about 350 km of ski slopes! Which areas are better to choose for skiing? The most picturesque and beautiful are considered the Corvach trails, they are long and, for the most part, marked,as "red", however, it may be more difficult than it seems at first glance.

Here, on the summit, there are two snowboard parks, and the famous “Snow Night” parties are held here, starting with rides on nightly, but well-lit trails, and ending with fun, including strong drinks until dawn.

Corviglia (height about 2500 m) is more suitable for intermediate skiers, but professional athletes will surely like the slopes under the Suvretta and Marguns station (about 2300 m). Difficult trails for “pros” can also be found in the area of ​​Diavolets, which can be reached longer than other places, and therefore there are no queues for lifts.

In addition to ski holidays, in the winter time you can always do other pleasant “things”, for example, visit one of a dozen indoor pools with hot mineral water or visit the club of equestrian sports.

At your disposal are numerous restaurants, clubs, boutiques of the most famous brands and brands, as well as interesting excursion programs, during which you can take a lot of great photos for memory.For art lovers, there are museums in St. Moritz, such as the Weber Mile Museum, which has paintings and sketches by a famous author.

Or the Segantini Museum, which presents the work of Giovanni Segantini, who lived the last five years of his life in Engandine.

Railway excursions continue to be popular, for 8 hours of which you can see 291 bridges, drive through a pass in the mountains at an altitude of 2033 km, and also admire mountain forests, streams, valleys and magnificent alpine meadows.

In addition, various winter sports competitions are often held in the famous mountain town, and in February, traditional horse races take place on a frozen lake.

As you can see, the traveler will definitely not have to get bored in this town! And this is only winter fun, but believe me, and in the summer, here you can also always find what to see and, moreover, have a good rest.

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