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Stretching - the perfect body to get really

To keep your body in good shape, it is not necessary to work up a sweat in the gym or be a professional athlete, by the way, all active and cross-country sports are not a panacea, it turns out that for a long time there is an excellent alternative called stretching.

This is a foreign word, which basically has the root "stretching", and it is absolutely accurate, correctly and exhaustively answers the question, what kind of sport is this. All of you, for certain, at least once in your life were engaged in stretching, although they yourself probably did not understand.

For a good figure

Of course, you hardly tried serious exercises on yourself, but now it turns out that even primitive stretching or more serious splits are also elements of stretching.

So it was, at the dawn of its development, stretching was not a separate sport or fitness, its elements were part of other sports training, with the help of muscle stretching, the body was prepared for more serious and intense loads.

Stretching quickly got a lot of fans among athletes, it was decided to take it into independent sports, which can be engaged not only professional athletes, but also the most ordinary people, even those who do not have any physical training.

And therefore, stretching is a great option for beginners, because there are many exercises in it that will be subject to everyone who is able to do general physical culture.

Most exercises are aimed at stretching the muscles, usually training is deprived of running, jumping and movements, which is very important for people with high weight, impaired coordination of movements, and also with poor hearing or vision.

We can say that this is an original "eastern direction", which in its complex contains elements of yoga, martial arts and light aerobics. All exercises are performed slowly enough, measuredly, for effective training it is important to feel your body, the closer you get to know it, the greater the results that can be expected in the future.

Than useful?

Experts say that stretching is one of the few sports that has a real positive effect on joints.You, for certain, will be indignant, because any kind of sport is good for the body!

Train your body

This is true, but the main difference in stretching is that the whole process of training runs smoothly, gently, the joints, muscles and muscle groups are pulled out gradually, there is an intensive build-up of flexibility, which, unfortunately, is completely lost by the adult generation.

It is believed that the most effective age for the development of flexibility - up to 12 years, after that, the body gradually begins to “stiffen” - first of all, the lifestyle of a modern person, mainly sedentary, affects. As time goes by, you start to notice that it’s harder to climb stairs, once again it’s better not to bend over, and it’s primitive to reach the tips of your toes for most of them.

The aging process is underway, and this is absolutely normal, although it has long been proven that with regular sports, it can be slowed down and not so painful. To ensure that movements of various amplitudes do not cause severe discomfort, experts recommend stretching muscles and tendons, which, in fact, is stretching.

So what can you see with regular classes?

  • The restoration of muscle tone, increased efficiency and physical health of the body, aging processes are slowed down, increased immunity and overall tone.
  • It is not necessary to run to the gym, at home, starting from the complex for beginners, you can see real results in 3-4 weeks: weight loss, increased flexibility and stretching, reduction of cellulite deposits. If you are at home, it is recommended that you train for about 20-30 minutes 5-6 times a week to achieve visible improvements. If you practice more seriously with a fitness instructor, classes are usually held 3-4 times a week for 40-60 minutes, then after 5-6 months you can achieve very good results: general body correction, muscles tighten, posture improves, shoulders melt, and the body acquires an increasing number of feminine curves.
  • Due to the fact that in the process of training the muscles are constantly moving from a reduced state to a state of stretching, the elasticity of tissues improves, and at the same time their supply with oxygen and nutrients that contribute to the removal of toxins and toxins from the body.
  • For people in the age who constantly complain of pain in the joints and muscles, passive stretching is suitable, which is an excellent prevention of osteoporosis, various salt deposits, as well as other diseases. Due to this stretching of muscles, the bone skeleton is well strengthened, the grace of the body and the manner of movements are improved.
  • Stretching is a good alternative for children who, for whatever reason, cannot engage in active sports. Training is mainly conducted in a playful way, which allows the younger generation to join the process with pleasure. By the way, this type of fitness training is a good option for those people who are rehabilitated after injuries and illnesses.

Stretching at home. What is needed for this?

Of course, the best option is to go to the gym, especially for beginners, because it is extremely important to perform the exercises correctly, as well as to observe the breathing technique that an experienced trainer can control.

For girls, it is important to be plastic

Although in the hall, even at home, you, first of all, need a comfortable form that will not hold down movements and breathing, you can not wear anything at all on your feet, or you can do with cotton socks,ballet Czechs.

The first thing that you will have to learn in class is the correct rhythm, frequency and depth of inspiration-exhalations. Do not strive to bend or stretch as much as possible, all movements should be smooth, soft and steady, without jerks and sharp movements.

Watch your breathing: exhalation should be accompanied with direct stretching of the muscles, they should be leveled when inhaling, breathing should be measured, even, it should not be held back or, on the contrary, accelerated.

At first it may seem difficult to keep track of your breathing and the technique of doing the exercises, but after just 3-5 workouts you will not even notice how you can tune everything in the right way. And remember, no exercise should bring you hellish pain, if you feel obvious discomfort in the joints or muscles, it is better to stop, because stretching also has its contraindications.

For example, you should be very careful during menstruation, and during pregnancy, you should choose gentle and comfortable postures, and only under the supervision of a specialist with the permission of a doctor.

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