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Such a different window sill: 8 ideas for inspiration

We are used to the fact that there are usually small things on the windowsill or there are pots of flowers. Few people decide to use this part of the interior in a new way, for example, to turn it into a working corner or a place to rest. You say it is impossible? In fact, everything is quite real - you only need to choose the option that suits you.

So, if there is empty space near the windowsill, it can be filled with a small chest of drawers. In its size, it should not slightly reach the edge of the window sill. In this dresser you can store a lot of things. The dresser itself can also serve as an excellent resting place if you put a mattress on it and put pillows on it.

If the window sill is spacious enough, you can arrange a whole recreation area, for example, with a hookah, wine or a cup of tea (as you like).

The window sill also acts as a zone for a working corner: it is always light and spacious here. Place a table nearby or, if the sill is wide enough, use it as a work surface.

You can decorate the window sill with things brought from other cities and countries.

If possible, install a sink in the kitchen opposite the windowsill. Such a simple trick will make washing up much more pleasant.

Your pet will be pleased if you convert the window sill into a rest area for him (or her).

Finally, the window sill can be an excellent play area in the nursery with the help of a dresser, toys, pillows and other things.


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