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Thanks to these tips, your sofa will look like new

Furniture made of microfiber has proven itself. It is very comfortable and long lasting. But many are worried about whether they can cope with cleaning and removing stains on their own. It turns out that due to several tricks it can be very easy.

Alcohol against divorce

If you try to remove stains from this material with water, the surface after drying will remain non-uniform. Use alcohol, which evaporates quickly. Fill them with a spray bottle, apply to the surface, and wipe with a dry sponge or brush. Alcohol perfectly dissolves most of the contaminants.

Read the instructions carefully.

On the label of your sofa should be symbols that indicate exactly what methods of cleaning are permissible. Sometimes this is only a dry cleaning. And for a different type of microfiber suitable various cleaning agents.

Get rid of ink stains with soda.

Make a fairly thick paste of soda, adding quite a bit of water or alcohol. Scrub the area with a clean cloth to remove the stain mechanically. After drying, give the fibers the same shape with a stiff brush.

Remove stains with wet wipes

Instead of adding more water to the stain, blot it with a tissue. You can rub a little, so that some of the liquid is absorbed. After such a cleaning, the sofa dries very quickly, and there will be no traces on the surface.

Easily remove unpleasant odors.

Cover the furniture, not differing in fresh aroma, a dense layer of baking soda. It absorbs extraneous odors. An hour later, the sofa should be thoroughly vacuumed. This method works with other materials.

Prepare a mixture of liquid soap and vinegar

The method is suitable for furniture made of microfiber, which allows not only a dry wash. Fill the basin with warm water, add a glass of vinegar and a few tablespoons of liquid soap (can be replaced with a dishwashing liquid). Beat dense foam and clean the sofa for her. After the surface has dried, go vacuuming over it.


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