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The best comedies in our world (list of 20 films)

Modern mankind has become so accustomed and fond of the art of cinema that almost every person on the planet now has his favorite genres and films, and comedy is one of the main genres of cinema.

After all, how sometimes you want to stretch out on a favorite couch in the environment of a family or close friends after a hard day at work, and disconnect from all problems for a good comedy that can easily make you forget that you need to go back to work tomorrow, finish repairs, then hard questions. And even if you have to spend the evening alone, the comedy will come again to help, it can distract from negative thoughts.

The comedy was originally created with the aim of making people laugh and causing a smile, and this genre arose simultaneously with the advent of cinema.

Initially, the comedies were dumb and black and white, but it did not make them uninteresting, on the contrary, it turned out very funny,remember only the comedian Charlie Chaplin, films with the participation of which, to this day, can cause a considerable storm of positive emotions.

Comedy, like other genres, has its own kinds, each of which has its own specific characteristics; they come to taste different people. It is very difficult to list the best comedies in the world, in any case it will be a subjective opinion, because, how many people, so many opinions and tastes. However, we will try to present your list of comedies, which in our opinion deserve your attention.

What is the perfect comedy?

The answer is simple - funny. However, it was not as easy as it seems. Every year, the world industry of cinema produces more than a dozen films with a comedy genre, but not everyone is able to bring at least a smile.

Most viewers like to watch comedies not only because they are able to distract. Many good films reflect our real life, they may not have fantastic plots and incredible scenery, a word or the situation itself may make us laugh, because looking at the screen, we will partly recognize ourselves.

And people like it so much to look at themselves from the outside, to get in this wayinto an alternate reality, where you empathize with the heroes, smile with their curiosities, and also rejoice that you wouldn’t be in such a situation.

When you decide to spend an evening watching a good movie, people usually stop at comedies or comedy shows. But which comedy to choose?

If you turn to American cinema, then most often everything is stable and stereotyped: the main characters face the cake, fall into the pool in clothes or stick to the floor of the robbers-losers. As in any movie, the American one also has its own good comedies, however, most often, when reviewing the next “new” American comedy, it can form deja vu, because a good half of the jokes were used more than once. As a result, it gets boring.

Many people think that the most ridiculous are Russian comedies, or rather even Soviet ones. Old and kind, they are fundamentally different from the American counterparts, because in these films, the emphasis is not on special effects and bright decorations, but on the sparkling dialogues of the main characters.

No wonder, most of the Soviet comedies have literally been taken apart in pieces for quotes.They can be reviewed dozens of times, and each time the film makes you smile and think. In addition to light humor, these films have a good story, which is deeply imbued with deep meaning.

By the way, in the comic genre, French cinema has also succeeded well, which is what the old and good comedies with Pierre Richard in the title role stand. But even they have their own peculiarity, French humor is always based on the comic nature of the situation itself, on the stupid concurrence of circumstances that the main character constantly falls into. In many such comedies, humor is mixed with a slight hint of sadness, which here is not at all superfluous, it gives the picture a certain elegance.

So where do they shoot them?

With this question, you will never decide, because each film adaptation and orientation fits a specific mood and state, the composition of the company and the direction of viewing. American comedy is difficult to revise several times, it is usually funny only for the first time, and then it becomes uninteresting.

However, it is impossible to generalize, there are, indeed, unique masterpieces. Soviet cinema, as we have already said, does not bother ever, such films are great for family viewing,However, there are not so many of them, and, unfortunately, modern domestic cinema has not continued good traditions.

French cinema makes you wonder, it can teach a lot, tell and even make you feel a little sad. But the end always ends in fun, good triumphs over evil, everyone is happy.

It turns out that there is no ideal option, there is only the right choice, which should be based on your inner state. If you start from a sexual trait, then women, like men, like to watch good comedies, but the beautiful half, more often, prefer a mixture of humor with romance.

They empathize with the heroes in touching moments and rejoice when everything ends well. The male half prefers a tougher and sparkling humor, something closer to satire.

By the way, many people like good youth comedies, at all times they were able to cheer up, older people feel a dozen years younger, and their peers dream up and see themselves in the place of the main characters.

That only costs a whole series of American comedies dedicated to life during the student body, as well as a number of comedies aimed at the school period.These films show the comedy of many life situations, which, over time, seem to us to be nonsense, but at that period of time are literally the tragedy of the century.


Let us present to your attention our own list of films that, in our opinion, are the best in their genre, are able to really cheer up, and also make you smile more than once while watching your audience.

1. There are only girls in jazz.

2. American Pie.

3. Ivan Vasilyevich changes his profession.

4. Alone at home.

5. So the war.

6. The Diamond Arm.

7. Bruce Almighty.

8. Where is my car, dude?

9. Pretty Woman.

10. Bachelor party in Vegas.

11. Always say yes.

12. Taxi.

13. Back to the future.

14. Aliens.

15. Meet the Fockers.

16. Very scary movie.

17. The macho and the nerd.

18. Night at the Museum.

19. My boyfriend is crazy.

20. The bouncer.

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