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The best material for building a house

If builders recommend you buy larch timber, you should agree with them. Even if you have heard that this type of wood is cheap and of low quality. In fact, this follows from the fact that this breed is found everywhere and does not need to be imported. Therefore, the price per cube for this type of timber is lower than for other types of materials. The most common subspecies of sawn timber is a laminated larch beam used in construction and decoration.

Advantages of glued larch beams:

- High strength wood;

- Quick and easy processing using various tools (for example, jigsaw);

- Attractive structure and attractive shade;

- If treated qualitatively, it will preserve the properties of decay protection.

But there is one drawback - a large tar content.

Buildings that are erected from laminated veneer lure, with their beauty and elitism,what can not be said about the buildings of the usual materials, and all because this timber is manufactured in the factory, subject to the technological process on the new equipment. Building a larch block house is a good decision, in the future you will realize that you made the right choice. Interior decoration of the house, better to lead, too, from the tree. To create a floor and ceiling, fit a trim board made of larch. Tell us a little about this material.

Larch plank

Conifers - spruce, pine, larch - this is a frequently used finishing material. This breed has many important properties, for example, resinousness (low probability of damage by various parasites) and high strength. Board with a size of 50x150 mm., Is running, this size is optimal for the manufacture of basic structural elements of housing. This edged board is a good semi-finished product.

It can be purchased at any construction market or warehouse. This requires to come to any market or place an advertisement for the purchase of edged boards. Receive a large number of proposals. But there will be little quality material.And if you do not understand this issue, you can buy low-quality goods. To avoid this, you need to contact the experts of this case, who can help you in choosing.

We are approached by a large number of customers, but none of them was left disappointed. For the manufacture of boards use material from pine, spruce, oak, aspen, larch and birch. Larch has a greater demand from buyers.

Online shop http://lesmercado.ru/ offers a board, there is a different thickness of material. Purchase can be carried out large and small wholesale. Products that you can find will delight customers with low prices. There is a certificate of quality.


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