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The causes of troubled times

Irina Gromyak
Irina Gromyak
February 20, 2013

Russia ... 16-17 century. At this time, the country was in crisis. He was not only economic, there were social and spiritual problems. The time of "shakyness" and "confusion of minds" was the name of the time of troubles by contemporaries. Stagnation, the hour of interethnic friction, the destruction of Russian minds - this is how historians spoke of it. It caused constant clashes and conflicts. The people became just helpless. From the word "unrest" went the name of this period.

How it all came together

So the situation was that the reasons for the troubled times were complex. They included the problems of society, public policy. A strong group was created that wanted to seize power in Russia. She organized for the reason that Ivan the Terrible decided to create opposition from the boyars. Boris Godunov led this group. Those who ruled over the boyars, this terrible man swept from his path. Boyars betray Godunov in 1605 and go "under cover" of the False Dmitry. Boris Godunov perishes under mysterious circumstances.

The main causes of troubled times in Russia

  • the old family of Rurik ceased to exist, there was no longer any heir. At this time in Russia began to brutally fight for power;
  • the wars had ended not long ago and the economic situation wanted to be better;
  • Due to the above problems, problems were emerging in society. The population was dissatisfied, uprisings and riots were constantly held;
  • there were territorial problems, especially the peasants suffered, they did not have a source of income, as they lost fertile land.

The reasons for the beginning of the troubled times were obvious. Dual power led to a coup. But the people survived this difficult period.

The power system operating in the regime of bureaucracy and voivodship, headed by the boyar duma. She shows how events developed in that period. All served to deity and Moscow nobility. During the 17th century, this group represented the elite power that ruled the state.


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