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The sexiest teacher in the world has signed a contract with Emporio Armani

University College London students are incredibly lucky: they adore math and do not skip the lectures given by 27-year-old Pietro Bosselli. And all because the teacher is so coolly complex that even (no joke) bears the title “The world's sexiest teacher” (this is not flattery of students, he received the title at an international competition).

Rumors are known to spread quickly, especially in the Instagram era. And now, not just another student became interested in the sexy-teacher account, but ... the fashion house Armani, so seriously that he didn’t pull, he offered to sign a contract! At first, Pietro was a little embarrassed by this attention: he always dreamed of a modeling career (he was a model in his childhood, and in his spare time he often worked on the set), but he was embarrassed about his dream, believing that it was just a hobby, not a serious occupation, unlike teaching.


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