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Undeniable chocolate benefits for children

Show a child who does not like sweets. Eating a piece of cake, a beautiful cream cake or a funny shaking jelly - no one can resist such pleasures. There is a strong opinion that children should limit the amount of carbohydrates consumed in the form of all these gastronomic delights. Of course, there is an enormous amount of truth in this, but you must agree that it is not worth depriving the joys of childhood at all.

On the website bestpony.ru you can see sweets that all children love. As you know, hormones of happiness and joy are secreted from the consumption of goodies. The task of adults is to find a balance between the benefits of consumed confectionery products and their possible harm. Remember that moderation is the key to good health. So, consider the most popular type of sweets among children. By the way, not everyone knows that healthy food benefits of chocolate and good mood are interrelated.

In the first place is chocolate and favorite chocolate eggs, in the middle of which are hidden funny toys. Any child wants to receive such a gift or a surprise, because this is a 2 in 1 pleasure, when it is both tasty and interesting.

Are you worried that a child tasted a piece of chocolate? If there is no allergy, sometimes you can indulge in such sweetness, and 3D toys will become an additional joyful bonus. It is worth noting that a variety of toffee and candy are more harmful. They contain a large amount of sugar, which envelops the teeth, giving an excellent reason for the reproduction of harmful bacteria. The more candies you give, the faster you will go to treat caries of milk teeth. In this regard, a piece of milk chocolate is more harmless.

Children move, jump, run a lot, so energy consumption is appropriate. Experts say that the diet of the child every day should be about 30-40 g of carbohydrates in the form of sweets. For example, a piece of chocolate or a few sweets. Note that this is a very small amount. This is quite enough to replenish the energy supply of fidget.

What can we say about joy, pleasure and smile? They are worth a lot. Especially children are delighted if toys in the form of funny figures come across in their favorite chocolate egg. In addition, scientists have proven that chocolate contains antioxidants. They have a very positive effect on the immune and cardiovascular systems. It is also known that antioxidants from cocoa beans prevent atherosclerosis and the development of cancers. So it is good to eat chocolate to everyone and at any age. This is an example of the fact that life should be filled with joy and happiness, and if this is not enough, chocolate will make up for everything.


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