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Tip 3: Top 6 products for your beauty

Tip 2: What vitamins are necessary for the skin?

The right combination of vitamins and minerals is one of the most important conditions for maintaining human health, youth and beauty. Necessary substances for the skin are contained not only in food, but also in cosmetics.
What vitamins are necessary for the skin?

To maintain skin elasticity, it is necessary to eat foods rich in vitamin E. This will prevent the aging process and the appearance of dryness. At the same time it is necessary to make a diet with enhanced levels of zinc and selenium, which will help to assimilate the useful vitamin. To free the tissues and cells of the body from free radicals, you can eat nuts, avocados and asparagus, as well as use sunflower oil. There are also special creams containing vitamins necessary for the skin. They restore moisture balance and nourish it.
Vitamin A helps the healing process and stimulates skin regeneration. It is well absorbed with fats, so liver, chicken eggs, fish, carrots and other products should be eaten with added oil.If you exclude the vitamin from the diet, acne will appear on the skin and peeling will begin. Cosmetics with vitamin A helps fight acne, contains retinoids that reduce pigmentation and wrinkles, softens coarse skin.
Vitamin C, which neutralizes free radicals, helps to form collagen fibers. It must be taken in combination with calcium and magnesium. The lack of a vitamin necessary for skin is easy to detect: premature wrinkles appear, dry skin is observed, bruises are easily formed, blood vessels become thinner. To prevent vitamin deficiency, you need to eat right. It should be included in the diet spinach, cabbage, currants, lemons, sorrel, lingonberries, potatoes.
The best moisturizer for the skin, according to cosmetologists, is vitamin B3, which normalizes metabolism, dilates blood vessels, fills the skin with radiance. Its deficiency is manifested in peeling and redness of the skin. Must eat mushrooms, wheat, soybeans and peanuts, do not forget about meat. Cosmetics with a beneficial vitamin helps the skin to remain hydrated throughout the day. The inclusion of this vitamin in creams and serums was a breakthrough in the world of the cosmetic industry,since B3 is a soft alternative to such exfoliators as glycolic acid and salicylic acid.


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