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Top 10 most famous modern style icons

Some create their own unique style, others are in constant search, and still others prefer to follow generally accepted rules or to imitate those who understand the fashion best of all.

And what modern style icons are the most popular and really deserve to be paid attention to and repeated.

So, the top 10 modern and fashionable style icons:

  1. Victoria Beckham. In general, stylish and exemplary, you can safely call the entire family Beckham: the head of the family, talented and attractive football player David, inimitable Vicki and even children, who are also always dressed "as if with a needle." At the same time, Victoria has been happily married for a long time and does not seek to receive the attention of men, but, of course, gets it and attracts. Her image can not be forgotten: sexy pencil skirts, elegant evening dresses, classic blouses and pants, always perfect and unobtrusive make-up, sharpened poses and a cold look.And Victoria, who then still bore the surname Adams, from the well-known group "Spice Girls", began. Next, the girl began a solo career, and then found herself in the fashion industry. And today she is a successful singer, model, actress and fashion designer. In addition, she is a beautiful wife and mother.
  2. Kate moss. Many people still wonder how this girl with a difficult character and completely unconventional appearance could become a model, moreover known all over the world and one of the top. And her style can be called unique. But, surprisingly, Kate herself is very light on clothes. She chooses what she considers truly comfortable and comfortable. She can and can be different from others, and this makes her image even more memorable. And she put into fashion such a thing as "unisex", starting to wear broad-shouldered jackets and classic trousers. She knows how to present herself and always “keep” the face, but at the same time there are practically no bright and sexy things in her wardrobe, she prefers convenience and practicality, but always remains feminine and desirable, which should be any style icon.
  3. Emma Watson. This actress began as well-known to many in the film about the wizard Harry Potter Hermione Granger.And in those days she was awkward and a little funny girl-bore with her hair sticking out in different directions. That was the first image of Emma, ​​which literally in a few years was transformed and changed almost beyond recognition. And today she is a real beauty and, undoubtedly, an icon of style. Moreover, it is almost impossible to see in revealing and even more shocking outfits, and some of her images are even somewhat strict. But that is what deserves respect. Although, nevertheless, Emma is periodically decided on experiments, and all of them are successful, which is probably related to the innate sense of taste. For example, once Watson got rid of a shock of hair and chose a short haircut, thereby starting a new period in the fashion for hairstyles.
  4. Gwen steffany. At the time of soloing in the popular group “No Doubt” she chose breathtaking hairstyles and unnatural hair colors, as well as punk clothes. And today everyone will recognize her by her perfect blond curls, which any blonde and even Marilyn Monroe herself would envy, as well as fiery red lipstick. And even if she wears sandals on heels with a tracksuit, it will look well, very stylish and sexy.By the way, Gwen's sense of taste is probably congenital and is inherited, as her sons do not lag behind the famous mother, choosing the most fashionable things and hairstyles. From an early age, they look impeccable.
  5. Rihanna. She became popular relatively recently, but already knows how to not only attract attention, but also to keep it. Constant camera flashes and annoying paparazzi have done their job, and now this black beauty always looks just perfect. And she not only knows how and loves to shock, but she also does it with pleasure and dexterity, as if she has been famous almost all her life. First, she changed her gorgeous long hair to a short haircut with shaved temples, making this hairstyle incredibly popular. Then she came to the presentation of the well-known film award practically naked, or rather dressed in a transparent dress. But Rihanna’s tattoo is known to everyone, and she multiplies and spreads through the bodies of female fans at a breakneck pace. Articles about her regularly appear and more than once appear in both the yellow press and in prestigious fashion magazines.
  6. Angelina Jolie- a real example of elegance and style.And this woman is not only a beautiful mother and wife, a successful actress and just a sexy beauty, but also a goodwill ambassador. Impressive, is not it? Jolie has time to act in cult films (or they become cult thanks to her), help the weak, travel the world, raise children and remain as attractive as fifteen years ago. And for this she loves and appreciates her handsome Brad Pitt. And how can you not love such a woman?
  7. Evelina Khromchenko. This woman made herself and made a lot of efforts to look so stylish and attractive at her age (and she is not twenty or even thirty). She became a real guru of fashion and style and gives useful tips that help not only young and inexperienced girls, but also mature women. And even the stars listen to her recommendations. She is a true expert in the field of fashion and knows exactly what an ideal image should be.
  8. Scarlett Johansonreceived the unspoken title of modern Marilyn Monroe, and everyone remembers well that Monroe has always been a real style icon. This blond sexy beauty with a deep voice, sensual features and appetizing forms causes admiration, a desire to imitate and envy. She is always fully armed.And yet Johanson is very talented: she not only builds a successful acting career, but also sings.
  9. Jessica Albashe plays seductives and real sexy beauties, but in life she remains a sweet and seemingly innocent girl, and despite the fact that she is already 34 years old, and she has two beautiful daughters who are sure to be no less beautiful than their successful mother. And you can learn Jessica not only from a stunning figure, but also from an incredibly nice and sincere smile. And all this she reinforces the most stylish images. By the way, despite the image of the sexual doll, which is typical of Alba, she never undressed in front of the cameras and, in general, was worried that she was offered similar roles. She dreams of changing roles and images and improving herself.
  10. Jessica Chestane. Glory to her came recently, but her appearance has already been remembered by many. And she plays the most different and sometimes brutal roles, but everyone knows her as a sexy red-haired seductress. She became really popular in 2011, but has already managed to earn the approval of the strictest film critics. At 38, she looks very attractive. This is probably due to the fact that Jessica is a vegan.By the way, she was named the sexiest vegetarian actress in the world.

These were the most popular icons of the modern style.

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