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Top 10 of the best brand advertising Chanel

As you know, advertising is the engine of commerce. And although there are things that do not need advertising, but still not some commercials and campaigns become real masterpieces. We invite you to find out the best advertisements of the famous company "Chanel".

Not advertising, but a masterpiece!

First, I would like to talk about all the Chanel advertisements, by and large. Each of them is a real masterpiece. In some commercials, the whole story of one person or two people fit in, while others can be safely called short films with a full-fledged plot.

But how is it possible for the leaders of the cult company Chanel, which produces perfumes, accessories and garments? First of all, talented and well-known directors are shooting ads. Secondly, the most popular stars participate in shootings. Thirdly, the brand "Chanel" in itself is stylish, chic and famous. So, advertising is another confirmation of this and a nice addition.

Best Chanel commercials

We offer to know the top 10 best advertising companies "Chanel":

1.The most expensive and exclusive commercial is a video featuring inimitable and elegantNicole Kidman. The well-known director Baz Luhrmann shot advertising, and the shooting took 5 days and a lot of money (for each minute, Nicole received 1 million dollars each). Kidman played a cabaret dancer.

Nicole Kidman

By the way, this role is familiar to her and even became native thanks to the cult film "Moulin Rouge", in which the actress played one of the main roles. In the story, the girl throws a rich boyfriend for the sake of the ordinary and poor, but a loved one. She, dressed in a chic pink dress, runs away from the crowd of fans and comes to the lover. But then the heroine returns to her former life, and the man just pronounces the phrase: "Her kiss, her smile, her scent ...".

2. Brad Pittbecame the first male face of the company. Advertising, more surprisingly, black and white. Brad Pitt reads a monologue about life, about time, about love and passion, about dreams and desires. Also, the actor admits that he always accompanies the favorite fragrance of women's perfume.

Brad Pitt

He says the words: “You are there. My happiness. My destiny. My luck". Brad Pitt's voice is so soft and gentle that it literally envelops the audience, like the chic and unique fragrance of perfume that dissolves in the air. No wonder this advertisement is recognized as one of the best and most successful.

3.Sexy and charmingKeira Knightleymore than once became the face of "Chanel". In one of the commercials, she played a young Coco Chanel, who was always rebellious in spirit. In the story, the girl comes to the photo session and begins to seduce a young photographer.

Keira Knightley

But then the temptress asks the guy to close the door and while he goes, runs through the window and leaves on a motorcycle, finally giving the poor photographer only a fascinating and captivating look. Everything would seem simple, but brilliant at the same time.

4. Keira Knightleystarred in another commercial for "Chanel", along with the famous Russian actor Daniil Kozlovsky, who has already become popular in Hollywood. In advertising, the heroine first enchants the mysterious stranger, then suddenly and completely disappears.

Keira Knightley and Kozlovsky

And the hero can only remember the captivating scent of the stranger “Coco Mademoiselle”. By the way, the audience could not help noticing the passion between Knightley and Kozlovsky, but they didn’t even meet on the set, as the scenes were shot separately.

5. Claudia Schiffer- the favorite model of “Chanel” and the muse of Karl Lagerfeld, who shot a lot of commercials for the company.And that is why Claudia more than once became the face of the brand and starred in commercials. So, she presented a collection of spring-summer 2010 and appeared in the form of sultry Spaniard.

Claudia Schiffer

Also Schiffer in 2011 advertised glasses of this brand. In this ad campaign, Claudia was a posh lady with combed hair and a flirty barrette. By the way, for the first time the model appeared in advertising "Chanel" in 1990.

6.Bright appearanceVanessa paradisjust combined with the rebellion of the brand "Chanel", so this actress has repeatedly participated in the advertising campaigns of the brand. So, she advertised lipstick and showed all her scarlet sexy lips.

Vanessa paradis

Vanessa also presented the spring-summer collection of accessories and clothing to the world in 2013. For the first time the famous charming Frenchwoman Paradis was noticed in the distant 1993, when she advertised the aroma "Coco Chanel".

7. Successful top model Estella Warrenand the famous French director Luc Besson created a new interpretation of the fairy tale "Little Red Riding Hood". In the role of the Red Cap, of course, Estella appeared. But the plot was slightly modified and adapted to the brand's features.

Top model Estella

So, in the video you can see a girl in a red dress trying to escape from an evil wolf. The events unfold in Paris and are shrouded in mystery, mysticism and the aroma of “Chanel No. 5”.Advertising is literally saturated with mystery, femininity and seductiveness. By the way, the second video was shot later, which, like the first, became a real sensation.

8. Cara Delevingneis also a favorite of the brand, despite her young age. For example, this young, but already successful in becoming a popular model, presented in 2013 a luxurious cruise collection of clothes and accessories. In this advertising campaign, Cara appeared as Marie Antoinette.

Cara Delevingne

But later (in 2014), the model again took part in the shooting together with the rising star Binks Walton. The girls had to climb the boxing ring. But do not be afraid, because no one fought and did not even try. Kara and Binks advertised a collection of accessories and clothes and leaned on the ropes of the ring and on the bar. The pictures turned out to be very unusual and bright, just like the models themselves.

9. Audrey Tautouso much like young Coco Chanel, that she just could not miss. Renowned director Jean-Pierre Gene, who has already worked with Audrey in the film “Amelie”, made a stunning commercial. In the story, the heroine, played by Tothu, meets a man in a train going from Paris to Istanbul.

Audrey Tautou

Next, viewers see several scenes with a stranger.Heroes do not speak, but still feel intimacy. First, the stranger approaches the girl in the train compartment, then the heroine photographs a man on the deck of the ship. As a result, the meeting still takes place, of course, thanks to the fragrance of the girl's perfume that has sunk into the stranger’s heart.

10. Karol Bouquetcooperated with the brand for 15 years! Perhaps the brightest movie with her participation is the one in which she reincarnated in Marilyn Monroe. But there were others in which Karol always played the role of seductive, strong and self-sufficient women.

Karol Bouquet

Enjoy the real masterpieces of Chanel brand advertising!

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