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Top 10 reasons to go on holiday in Vietnam

Vietnam is an interesting and mysterious country. And if you want to solve her riddle, then by all means go here!

What is itfor the country?

Vietnam, or more precisely, the Socialist Republic of Vietnam is a state located in Southeast Asia on the Indochina peninsula. In the north, it borders with China, and in the west lies its border with Cambodia and Laos. From the south and east, Vietnam is washed by the South China Sea.

Why go to Vietnam?

So, the top 10 reasons to visit Vietnam:

1.To go on holiday to this wonderful country is worth at least because of the kitchen. Many people consider Vietnamese almost omnivorous, and partly this is true, because here they use almost anything that flies or crawls: grasshoppers, scorpions, caterpillars, and so on. If you dare, by all means try one of such unusual dishes (by the way, this is very useful, and sometimes even tasty).

If you are not ready for such experiments, then go to one of the local restaurants and order more familiar food.Vietnamese cuisine, by the way, is considered useful and easy, because seafood and vegetables that have undergone minimal heat treatment predominate in the dishes. Be sure to try the local exotic fruits, vegetables and mouth-watering desserts!

2.Entertainment. Many classes are available for tourists. For example, you can ride an elephant, visit a zoo or a whole crocodile reserve, go fishing and catch some unusual fish, visit one or more exciting excursions, national parks.

Some of the water sports are also available. It will not be boring in Vietnam and lovers of active nightlife, because in the country there are many different bars, nightclubs, casinos and other similar establishments.

3. Fresh air. Yes, Vietnam is considered an agrarian country, and most of its territory is occupied by fields and plantations. In addition, approximately 80% of the total area is mountains. There are practically no plants and factories in the country, so harmful couples do not fall into the atmosphere.

There are not many cars on the roads, most people ride mopeds or bicycles. In general, there are few roads in the country, which also affects the air in the most positive way.In general, come to Vietnam and with pleasure and without fear breathe here full chest.

4.Special atmosphere. If you want to get into another, absolutely amazing world, then you definitely should go to Vietnam. Here each city lives its own life. Every corner of the country has its own traditions and customs.

Even people in cities differ, not only in behavior, but in appearance. In some places life is boiling and bubbling, at others it seems as if it has slowed or stopped, and in the third there is a unique mysterious and mysterious atmosphere. But at the same time all the Vietnamese are very friendly, kind and welcoming.

5. The beaches. Since Vietnam is washed by the South China Sea, it has a rather long and stunningly beautiful coastline. And almost all of it is covered with pure white sand, which makes rest even more comfortable. And still there is very pure sea water, so bathe boldly and with pleasure. By the way, the beach, located in the resort town of Nha Trang, is included in the world rating and occupies an honorable 29th place in it.

6.Weather. Many people know that it often rains here, but it does not bother tourists. Firstly, precipitation often falls at night, and secondly, showers go only in certain seasons.And, thirdly, in Vietnam there are several climatic zones, so you can relax here all year round.

For example, in winter it is better to visit the southern part of the country, and in summer it is best to rest in the north. But the best periods to visit are April-May and October-November. At this time here is warm and comfortable.

7. The perfect combination of quality and price. Yes, Vietnam will please you with its democratic and sometimes more than affordable prices. But at the same time, the level of service always remains on top. In hotels, appreciate and respect each guest, so you can enjoy a comfortable and truly carefree holiday, because some institutions work on the system "all inclusive."

8. Stunning landscapes. They amaze even in the photo, but seeing them with your own eyes, you will understand that in the world, perhaps, there is nothing more beautiful and fascinating.

On the territory of Vietnam, you can meet the majestic mountains, and huge coffee and tea plantations, and incredible sunsets and sunrises, and almost impassable jungle with amazing plants and animals, and high waterfalls, and amazing seascapes, and mountain lakes, and numerous rivers, and exciting the imagination with its diversity of colors of the dune, and much more. In general, there is definitely something to look at!

9. Sights. There are both unique architectural structures and ancient buildings, as well as historical and cultural monuments. You should definitely see the royal fortresses that were once the residence of local emperors, beautiful temple complexes, numerous pagodas and temples, almost each of which has its own unique history, various museums, theaters, national parks, tunnels (they had strategic importance during the war) and much more.

10. Shopping. In Vietnam, you can buy almost everything: unusual things and souvenirs, clothes, fabrics, real high-quality pearls, creations by local craftsmen, silverware and other metals. By the way, if you want to bring something unusual, you can make it to order and at a very reasonable price. So, a local skilled seamstress will sew you a terrific dress in just a couple of days.

And the Vietnamese woodcarving master will carve an exclusive statuette, probably even from your own sketch. And then you can buy some decoction, which, according to local doctors, will cure all diseases. And it makes sense to believe this, because Oriental medicine is known all over the world.

What do tourists need to know?

Some important points that will make the trip interesting, enjoyable, memorable and safe:

  • What can not be exported from Vietnam? Gold jewelery weighing more than 300 grams, precious stones, antiques and art, things of historical or cultural significance, rare plants, corals, shells and stuffed turtles, nests, feathers and eggs of birds, insects, scorpions, lizards, crustaceans, as well as animal teeth, hair and bones.
  • Be attentive on the roads, as traffic rules are often not respected, which makes traffic chaotic and dangerous.
  • Always keep track of personal belongings, documents and money!
  • Keep your health and hygiene. Avoid places of large crowds, do not eat food and drinks with ice in street eateries, as well as water of unknown origin. And often wash your hands with soap and water.
  • Do not shout and, in general, behave calmly and restrained (there are vigilant and strict police).
  • Follow the rules of decency. Do not wave your hands and actively gesticulate, touch the locals. Do not argue and especially do not get involved in a fight.
  • In restaurants, specify the price for the entire portion, as some of them indicate the cost of 100 grams.
  • Follow the rules of conduct in the temples (dress decently, take off your shoes) and do not take pictures of them.

Let the trip to Vietnam be remembered for all your life!

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