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Top 10 video editing software.

If you are fond of video editing, then you most likely do not care which video editor is better. The classic application is considered Windows Movie Maker, it is from it that beginners begin. But at the present stage of technology development, it soon becomes clear that the functionality of this program is not enough. Therefore, in order to shorten your searches, we have included in the top 10 the best video editing software. 10 Corel VideoStudio Pro Source: © Top 10 Corel VideoStudio Pro opens the ranking of the best programs for video editing. This program is designed for video processing and is positioned as a simple solution for home users. The presented package has all the necessary functions that the user may require in the process of creating a movie. The utility has a tool that allows you to capture a video file from a source and then convert it to a popular format. After, this video can be edited, insert other videos, combine fragments, cut frames. All sorts of special effects and patterns are inserted here. 9 VideoPad Video Editor VideoPad Video Editor is a great free video editor. The program combines the functions of an editor and a movie recording wizard, utilities for creating a full-fledged slide show and a converter of the available materials into various formats, although it takes noticeable computer resources. The useful application works stably and has the clear Russified interface. 8 Video montage Video montage is a simple and convenient program for editing video that allows you to easily create spectacular videos and exciting movies at home. In just 5 steps, you will get a great video with beautiful transitions, captions, effects and background music. 7 Pinnacle Studio Source: © Top 10 Pinnacle Studio is a noteworthy non-linear video editing app. The editor allows you to edit stereoscopic 3D video with enhanced support for NVIDIA 3D Vision on tracks for multi-layer editing of video and audio. Thanks to NVIDIA CUDA and Intel Quick Sync Video fast synchronization technology, the editor not only speeds up video processing, but also unloads the CPU, which reduces the power consumption of your system. The program has a large number of built-in sets: Red Giant plug-ins (Motion Graphics and Filmmaker toolkit), Complete Avid content, over two thousand additional two-dimensional and three-dimensional effects,titles, transitions, sounds, and a collection of video tutorials. 6 Avidemux Avidemux is one of the best free video editors. This cross-platform application has many features and allows you to edit files of the most popular formats. The program includes a built-in subtitle editor, video filters. The video editor interface is very simple compared to paid video editors. The functionality of a free video editor is quite wide. The program provides several ways to improve the editable video. You can color the image, adjust the contrast, brightness, change the resolution or increase the clarity of the picture. The result of the actions can be simultaneously observed in the “Preview” window. The program is able to cut and glue files without transcoding, and also allows the user to attach one or several video files to an already open file. 5 Avid Media Composer Avid Media Composer (The Avid) is included in the list of the best programs designed for video editing. Through the utility, the user gets the acceleration of high-resolution workflows, automated multimedia management,general expansion of production in real time. The application features fast media processes and ACE-certified tools. The advantages of Avid Media Composer are manifested from every facet of this utility, this applies to new processes of working with high resolutions, AMA media data management system, automated material processing and joint group work. No other non-linear editing system can boast such a tool for creative work, flexibility in working with a huge number of formats and perfect resource management. 4 SONY Vegas Pro SONY Vegas Pro - one of the best professional video editing software. The program can convert audio and video files into many formats of different quality. At the moment, Sony Vegas Pro has at its disposal one of the best converters. The duration of the conversion depends on the selected format and its quality. This package for working with multimedia data has at its disposal a convenient working interface that divides sound and video into different tracks and allows you to work with each separately. In the arsenal of Sony Vegas Pro has a lot of buttons, each of which performs its function.For 3-4 hours you can get acquainted with most of the basic features of the program. 3 Edius pro Edius Pro - professional video editing software. The Canopus Edius program is primarily renowned for being able to offer support for multi-layer AVCHD editing in real-time and full resolution. Also, this program boasts the ability to combine on the same timeline video of a variety of formats, sometimes very rare. And the new Canopus engine from Thomson Grass Valley is able to work at the same time, with more than three layers of AVCHD video in real time, full resolution and absolute frame rate. At least, so say the developers. 2 Adobe Premiere Pro Adobe Premiere Pro - a program that allows you to perform non-linear video editing. Adobe Premier Pro is the perfect tool for any post-processing or post-production editing process. It is worth noting that this program is used by many well-known film industry experts. In particular, such films as: “Captain Abu Raed”, “Through the dust to victory”, “Social Network”, etc. were created precisely with the help of Adobe Premiere Pro. Moreover, many leading TV and film industry experts call Premiere Pro the best program for video editing. It is used by such well-known companies like the BBC, The Tonight Show and others. 1 Movavi Video Editor Movavi Video Editor tops the ranking of the best video editing software. It contains a huge number of integrated effects and filters that allow you to edit any video. In addition, the application allows you to capture video, audio and create a slide show. This program has collected a huge number of tools for video editing. In addition, the utility is able to save videos in the required format for viewing on various players on a computer or mobile device. When processing, you can apply various effects and filters from the program library to the clip. In addition, the application has an additional feature that allows you to record video and audio from different sources. This includes radio stations, chatting in instant messengers, online TV, cameras and much more. In addition, it is possible to create a slide show of pictures.

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