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Transmission habitat. Shampoo on your head

Habitat. Shampoo on your head video to watchHabitat. Shampoo on your head

Shampoo on your head



Recall that the programhabitat watch online all editionsYou can on this site for free.In this issue: three liters of shampoo, one liter of shower gel, a kilogram of soap per year - so much detergent is necessary for modern people for cleanliness. A huge purity industry works for us. We are persuaded to wash our hair every day, eight times a day to wash our hands with soap, to use shower gel several times a day. Want to know what is common between a T-80 tank and your hair? We made glycerin soap at home on our own and calculated how much it actually costs. You will be interested to know why the stars wash their hair with shampoo for horses. What is the difference in soap for hands and face? Whether any anti-dandruff shampoo will cause addiction.


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