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Treads: 8 cool pairs for every day

Winter is an absolute season for high boots, but with one weighty and sensible amendment: comfortable. No matter how luxurious boots look on thin heels, for our winter in its realistic version this is not the most humane solution. The question of wearing boots can be considered solved: if you look at the podiums of this season, then a reasonable answer will be with everything: from bohemian dresses with cuts and asymmetrical skirts of complex cut (and not only mini!) To sports XL-sized t-shirts and voluminous sweaters. Now it remains only to find such a pair, which will be, as they say, icy-friendly, - tall and seductive, but at the same time stable and comfortable to wear boots, which could honestly survive the winter, and not just use as “evening "Shoes in jumps between a taxi and the entrance to the club.

Lace-up Treads

All fashionistas and simply desperate seekers of discounts on the expanses of online stores have long added the American brand Jeffrey Campbell to their bookmarks, because here is someone who is not trivial (if not evencrazy) approach to the design of shoes perfectly combined with an adequate price for products made of genuine leather.

Jeffrey Campbell Lace Up Treads

Jeffrey Campbell Lace-up Treads (13 696 rub.)

Velvet Treads

Frankly speaking, you can’t call this pair of winter shoes, because the top is half made of velvet on a leather lining, and half is made of stretch material that replaces the zipper and, as the manufacturing brand promises, "provides a perfect fit." But for the luxurious sapphire shade of blue, she can forgive this flaw.

Treads made of velvet Uterque

Uterque Velvet Treads (16 490 rub.)

Yellow Treads

Winter shoes are not so often seen in some unusual color, so we catch the moment and add this sunny pair to our selection: according to the description, the color is called mustard, but in the photo these boots made of genuine leather shine like egg yolks in the egg.

Zara Yellow Treads

Treads in yellow color Zara (4 999 rubles. At a discount of 50%)

Combined Treads

Someone tricky combined in one pair of two completely different in impression produced by the model of shoes: high boots, boots and heavy shoes on a grooved sole. The result turned out to be as if specially for our winters, although it is unlikely that they would want to wear this pair together with something hyper-strong.

Bershka Combination Treads

Combined Treads Bershka (3 999 rubles. At a discount of 20%)

Cossack Treads

Another example of the successful merger of two fashionable shoe models in one is boots plus Cossack boots, which have become such a popular couple in the past few seasons that they have lost seasonality as such and are now shoes for summer festivals as well.

Treads-Cossacks Asos

Asos Cossack Treads (2 999 rubles at a 50% discount)

Glitter Treads

Let this collection be one pair with an absolutely impractical, but such a festive appearance. We watched for a long time and did not believe, but this is true: these boots were made of shiny Lurex, from which clothes are usually made, not shoes, so we simply could not pass by this pair on the eve of the New Year.

T-shirts with sequins H & M

H & M Glitter Treads (9 999 rub.)

Treads Sneakers

Sneakers are now produced in hundreds of such bizarre variations that I want to make a guess: most likely, in the 10s of the 21st century, in textbooks on the history of fashion, they would call it the era of sports shoes. It is possible to illustrate this statement with such a hybrid of sneakers and boots with a comfortable non-slip sole and a top made of satin material.

Carlo Pazolini Treads

Treads-shoes Carlo Pazolini (22 900 rub.)

Suede Treads

Classics of the genre on the topic of boots, which can easily be turned into the most popular winter shoes and worn if not every day, then for sure all five working days a week - with long coats in men's style, pencil skirts or tight jeans.


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