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Unusual wall panel

unusual panels on wall
List of necessary materials: - Sheet of paper. It is better to use thick paper, which will not be exhausted from water, you can take cardboard instead of paper. The format of the sheet is absolutely any, it all depends on your wishes, I painted on an A3 format sheet. - Paints. Gouache is preferable, as when drawing with gouache, less water is needed than for watercolor, respectively, and paper will be deformed less. - Brush - Jar or glass with water - Scotch tape - Pencil- Black marker - A small sheet for a sketch.
 List of required materials
Now let's get to work. At the very beginning we will make a sketch of the future mural. The pattern can be absolutely anything, but the main thing is that there is something common in each of the three parts, whether it's a similar way of painting, a single motive or a repeating element. sketching the future panel
Next, we will prepare the background for the designed patterns. To begin with, we attach a sheet of paper to the work surface with paper tape. It is not worth much "climbing" with adhesive tape on the edges of the sheet, otherwise you will have to cut it a lot, five millimeters will be enough.  prepare the background for the designed patterns Next is the most interesting - painting the sheet. I had three colors: yellow, red and purple. Too dark colors should not be chosen; a black marker will not be visible on their background. If you want, then, of course, you can use dark paints and paint on them with a white lacquer marker or stroke. Experiment is welcome.
painting the sheet
Paints can be mixed directly on paper, if you prefer, then use the palette.
 mix right on paper
The result is a bright and colorful background for the panel. When the paints dry, on the back of the sheet, draw a frame, stepping back from the edge of 1 cm, and then divide the interior into three equal rectangles, as shown in the diagram. Then trim the white edges that were covered with scotch and cut the sheet into three parts.
 draw a frame
If the paper is still wrung from the water, then you can put it under the press and leave for a while to make it even. When everything is ready go to the next step - we move the drawing from the sketch, first with a pencil, and then with a marker.  we move the sketch from the sketch Next we add drawing smaller patterns, paint them somewhere and so on. Here you need to give vent to fantasy.  smaller patterns If you draw on a large format, then the patterns are better to complicate, so the panel will look more spectacular. The main thing is not to be afraid to experiment. Creative success to you!  an unusual panel on the wall [/L_REPEAT]

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