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Update Cover

It often happens that the notebook once bought is no longer pleasant and does not want to use it, so it lies dusting somewhere on the shelf and no one remembers it. It's a shame when useful things are wasted. Today I want to tell you how to make a new and useful notebook from a bored or unread notebook. After such an “abgreyda”, the notebook will be used for its intended purpose and will become one of your favorites. Materials you will need for work: • Notebook or an old notebook for rework. • Sheet of white office paper. • Old magazine, which has long been read and viewed so that it was not a pity to cut it. • Scissors. • • Ruler. • • Pen or pencil. • Glue for paper.
To begin with, we need to" cover up "the old, unfaithful iglyadnuyu cover notebook or notebook. We do this with a white sheet of paper. Cut a rectangle or square from it, which will be the same size,as the cover of our notebook or notepad.
 Glue the white sheet
Glue the white sheet on the cover of the notebook. Now we need to draw a sheet so that we get the same triangles, which we will fill with clippings from the magazine. First, we draw a sheet of horizontal stripes, which will divide it into three parts. Then we start to mark the corners of the triangles. On the lower vertical edge, note the width of the triangles from the beginning to the end. On the second vertical strip below, we start with the halves of the triangle and then mark the dimensions of the width of the triangle. When all the triangles are outlined, begin to delineate. You should get something like this markup.
 we draw a sheet
We also mark our favorite pictures from the magazine in the same way. We cut out triangles that are lined up in a log.
 pictures from the magazine
Now the most interesting step of reworking an old notebook. We begin to collect our color mosaic.We insert the triangles chaotically, so that the pictures do not repeat and gathered in a diverse bright mosaic. The halves of the triangles are inserted into the extreme semi-triangles that are drawn on the cover.
 glue all the parts
Gently glue all the parts. We glue all corners well, so that the cover does not get unstuck during operation. This is such a bright and cheerful cover.
 Update the cover
For reliability and confidence that the triangles will not flake off over time, you can carefully laminate the cover with a normal cling film. In the process of such lamination it is necessary to be very careful, since the film is very soft and sticky, and quickly forms ugly folds. However, this is quite realistic. The main thing is to attach the central part of the film and gently level it out in all directions from the middle. In the same way, you can decorate the cover with simple colored paper, creating multicolored triangles on the surface. Experiment and do not let us disappear useful, but just disobedient to you things.Let's give them a second life, let them bring you benefit and pleasure!
 We update the cover with our own hands

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