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Task 10 Pimenova sold Markova coat. At the conclusion of the contract, the latter paid 30% of the amount, and pledged to pay the rest within a month. A month later, Markova moved to live in another city, without returning the debt. Pimenova did not search for her. But three years later, being in a sanatorium, Pimenova unexpectedly met Markova and demanded a debt from her. Markova gave half the debt, but refused to return the rest of the money. Returning two weeks later from the sanatorium, Pimenova went to court with a claim for recovery of the remaining amount of the debt from Markova. The defendant filed a counterclaim to recover from Pimenova the money transferred to her in the sanatorium as paid after the expiration of the limitation period. What decision should make the court? Task 14 Citizen Solovyov addressed to the notary, having the intention to sell his share in the right of common share ownership of the residential house to citizen Nikolayenko. At the same time, he explained that his co-owner Trifonov does not want to acquire an alienated share, because she seems to be clearly overpriced for the share in the common property right. Trifonov refuses to go to the notary to sign a consent to Solovyov's transaction. The notary denied to the parties to the transaction to certify the contract, explaining that the transaction is not indisputable and, at the request of Trifonova, may be further invalidated. Is the notary’s refusal to perform a notarial act valid? What is the way out of this situation? What should have been the actions of a notary? What should be done if Trifonova came to the notary and verbally declared that she was giving up the right of preemptive acquisition of a share in the right of common ownership, but refused to give a written statement about this. Task 5. Krasnov as a representative of “Kray” JSC, the head of the legal entity in March 2011 issued a power of attorney valid for 2 years (including the right to go to court, represent the JSC in court).

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