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Valentine "Arrow of Cupid"

Do you want to quickly and simply make an unusual valentine for your soulmate? Now I will tell you how to do it! It's very simple, believe me, even a child will cope. What you will need for making: • A piece of cardboard. • Red paper for a heart. • • White or light heart paper, which will be inside red. • Neutral paper, I have peach yellow, for the base of the arrow. • • PVA Cray or glue stick. • • Ruler. • • Pencil. • Scissors.
 arrow materials
Take red paper and cut two hearts and two out of it "Feather" for arrows.
 cut out hearts
Cut a strip of cardboard, 0.5 cm thick or, if you are making a large arrow, cut a strip 1 cm thick. Pasted over cardboard strip with paper for the base of the arrow.
 we will cut with scissors
Now we start to collect our arrow.First, on one side of the cardboard base we glue one heart on one end and one “feather” on the other end. We turn over the cardboard base and onto the second heart and "feather" already glued on the heart and “feather” with glue. This needs to be done to make the valentine look equally beautiful on both sides.
 cupid's arrow
Now from a white or light paper we cut out one more heart. It should be smaller in diameter than the red heart. You paste it on red to get a white center with red fields. Inside the heart we write the message. The second message can be written on the basis of an arrow.
 Valentine's Arrow of Cupid
It turns out such an original Valentine, which is perfect for the ceremony of secret messages that are held every year school or university, as well as in some offices where people have not lost their childish adventurism. You can put this valentine in the package for the main gift and make it pleasant to your lover.
 valentine Strela Amura

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