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Valentine's Day bead heart

What forms does not take the traditional heart, which on Valentine's Day is presented to all the closest and most beloved people! If initially it was made only from cardboard or colored paper, now small needlewomen sculpts it from salt dough and masses for sculpting, sews from fabric, weaves out of beads and even collects from large beads.

 Valentine's Day bead heart Valentine

Heart of beads for Valentine's Day

The heart of beads, made with your own hands by little lovers of creativity, looks like Benno touching, gentle and original. It turns out to be incredibly airy and fragile in appearance, and can not leave anyone indifferent.

So that the kid can make a pretty heart out of beads for Valentine's Day, he will need:

pieces of multicolored blue wire delicate shadesas well as blue wire with gold or silver fibers (it can be replaced with thin tinsel or narrow silver satin ribbon);

beads with wide holes that are suitable in color: for example, they can be pale pink or scarlet, lilac or purple, white, golden, silver or pearl.

 Materials for crafts

Materials for crafts

Beads and fluffy wire

Beads and fluffy wire

Getting started!

First of all, we tie a loop in the center of our heart - it will be made in the form of a suspension. To do this, we penetrate one bead with silver wire or tinsel, wrap it, tie the edges and cut off the excess.

 Making a bead pendant

Making a bead pendant

In the bead we pass through the main piece of wire, which will become the basis for all crafts. You can also use the segment from which we made a loop, simply continuing to string the beads on it.

We alternate beads of different colors, which are combined with each other, and thus collect a sufficiently long chain.When its length will fit the size we need, cut the wire, leaving the edge free, and twist the ends with each other. It turns out a ring.

It only remains to give this ringlet a heart shape by squeezing it in the right places.

 Heart of beads

Heart of beads

DIY heart bead heartDIY heart bead heart

Our bead heart is ready for Valentine's Day! We will be able to use it as a keychain for keys, a handbag, a decorative pendant on a front-view mirror in a car, decorations for home and desktop in the office and just like a little talisman that protects our love for children and loved ones.


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