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We sew coffee dogs - a symbol of 2018

So, what we need:

  • a piece of white calico approximately 50x50cm;
  • filler;
  • instant coffee;
  • PVA glue;
  • acrylic paints - white, black and brown;
  • brushes, threads, needle.


1. Transfer the pattern to the fabric, stitch it, not forgetting to leave holes for inversion. We cut the seams in the corners. If the fabric is very loose, I advise you to missed the PVA seam allowances at the cutting points.

2. Carefully turn out all the parts, tightly fill with filler, sew up the holes with a secret seam. Ears Buttons stuffed loosely, about 2/3.

3. Sew the ears of the Button.

4. Dilute the coffee mixture for coloring toys - dissolve 1 tablespoon of instant coffee in 3 tablespoons of boiling water. When the mixture has cooled slightly, add 1 tablespoon of PVA and a pinch of crystalline vanillin. To remove excess paint, I dabbed the toys with a paper towel after staining.

5. Sushim billets. I baked in the oven at 75 degrees for about 10 minutes.You can use a hair dryer for drying, you can let the toys dry in just the natural way.

6. In the remaining coffee solution, add half a teaspoon of brown acrylic paint (I have a van-dick) and draw specks. At this point, as the fantasy tells 🙂 On Tobik, I painted the specks in one layer, The button covered the cover in two layers to make a rich chocolate color.

7. Dry again. After complete drying, draw eyes, nose, mouth. Give dry well and cover with acrylic varnish (only the eyes and spout).


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