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What accessories are in fashion now?

Ivan Orlov
Ivan Orlov
July 12, 2017
What accessories are in fashion now?

A full and complete image will not work without well-chosen accessories. Neat details are able to place bright accents in the outfit, refresh the dull look or give it a stylish highlight. What to choose? Consider a few fashion options.


BeltsBelts are not the first season are one of the most popular accessories. In the fashion straps of different sizes and colors, you can choose any favorite and combine them with each other. Jeans and trousers will adorn thick straps in neutral shades. When putting on a cardigan or a long jacket, tie a thin strap at the waist beautifully. For a bright summer look, you can choose a dress and colored shoes, tie a belt in the color of shoes at the waist. Choosing a voluminous monophonic sweater, intercept it with a thick monophonic belt at the waist. For an elegant look, tie a thin belt around your waist with a beautiful tie. By combining a pair of thin colored straps, you can get a pleasant and unusual look.

Scarves and hats

BeltsElegance is in fashion, so wide-brimmed hats will be useful: they will decorate a feminine look and protect from the bright sun, which is so important in spring and summer. Instead of a hat, you can use an elegant handkerchief - this headpiece will go well with a light spring cloak. As an additional accessory, you can choose sunglasses and bright lipstick. Glamor image is ready!Belts


At the height of fashion extremes: very large bags or very small handbags. You can follow fashion trends or simply choose a stylish bag of a convenient size for your occasion.


BeltsThere are not many decorations - this is the motto of the new season!

Neat and small jewelry is a thing of the past; this summer and spring, large and massive earrings, almost shoulder-length, are popular. You can choose chandelier earrings, clips, earrings, decorated with large decorative elements and various beads. Complex and bright design and large size will come in handy.

Bracelets and rings are also popular. Slave bracelets and cuff bracelets can be combined with jeans, evening dresses and suits. You can wear the same bracelets on each wrist or wear separate and interesting on the forearm, just above or below the elbow.

You can wear several rings at a time, but they should be combined with a common style and design idea.

Accessories occupy a prominent place in the fashionable wardrobe of the new season, so you can choose what you like best, skillfully combine with each other and get new beautiful images!


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