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What are peripherals?

Oksana Vasilyeva
Oksana Vasilyeva
February 9, 2015
What are peripherals?

You can often hear or see in the text the word "periphery", which is used in a different context, although it originally appeared as a mathematical term. Let's look at what a periphery is, what its origin is and in what cases its use is appropriate.

The word "periphery" has a Greek origin (peripheria), which literally means a circle. This concept became the basis of all the meanings of a given word:

  • Periphery is a mathematical term for a circle or any closed line bounding a shape.
  • The periphery is the outer part of something lying on the surface or adjacent to it. For example, the nervous periphery.
  • Peripherals - not affecting the essence of the phenomenon of its external aspects. For example, to slide along the periphery of a problem — to approach its solution superficially.
  • Peripherals - a set of institutions or organizations that are remote from the central authority. For example, work on the periphery, that is, in the branch.
  • The periphery is a province.For example, live on the periphery (in the province).

On a note! This word is always used only in the singular.


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