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What are the jackets in fashion?

To meet the off-season fully armed, you must have a jacket. How should look fashionable jacket season 2012-2013? Let's look at which jackets are in fashion this coming spring.

Popular styles

The most popular jacket of the current season is the well-known kosuha. She can make up not only a part of the rocker wardrobe, but also become the favorite clothes of a romantic girl. The combination of a short jacket and a dress or a skirt of medium length is very fashionable.

A biker jacket is a carelessly cropped jacket of rough cut. She may well be glamorous and feminine. For example, designers from Acne have developed a whole line of such jackets. They are made of genuine leather of golden color. If you are more inclined to purchase jackets of traditional colors, then we can advise you to buy a black jacket from Versace. She will look great with both straight skirts and pants of any color. However, the best option would be to buy a skirt and jacket of the same color.

The next trend of the season is jackets made in a style like military.With this design, the presence of additional decorations, such as stripes, buttons and shoulder straps, is very welcome. It is advisable to wear a similar jacket in combination with a belt that would emphasize all the advantages of your figure.

For feminine and gentle natures, you can offer a bolero, which would cover a little shoulders. It will make you not only cute, but also elegant fashionistas. Bolero is very convenient for girls motorists.

Ladies who are closest sports style, can opt for a fairly free spring windbreaker, which have a hidden clasp. So, what fashionable winter jackets can modern designers offer us?

Materials for fashion jackets

The main hit of the modern winter season is a jacket made of fur, made using the patchwork technique. Today, depending on taste, you can choose completely different models that will please not only you, but also your surroundings. The most beautiful and interesting collection was provided by the fashion house Roberto Cavalli.

Also in the new trendy season will be very popular sheepskin coats. In this case, we will see the coincidence of the practical side with fashion and convenience when worn product.The color of the jacket can be completely different depending on whether it is decorated with a collar, a zipper or a brooch.

The next convenient and practical option to meet the cold fully equipped is a down jacket with a belt at the waist. It can be long and not very, but the most convenient option is something in between. The decoration of the down jacket with fur and embroidery is very fashionable today. Such models can be presented to Kenzo and Burberry fashion houses.

Coloring fashion jackets

If we talk about the color of the most fashionable jackets of the season, then it can be noted that the most popular are precisely bright and colored jackets: green, red, blue and other colors. Prints for wild animals or reptiles are also known.

If you do not know which fashionable jackets are in the winter-spring season of 2013, then you can safely pay your attention to the collections of the most famous fashion houses.


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