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What are the bangs in fashion?

Irina Vashchenko
Irina Vashchenko
February 15, 2013
What are the bangs in fashion?

Do you dream, like any woman look younger than her years, want to add playfulness and sex appeal to your image, do you want to emphasize your individuality? In one word, you firmly decided to cut off the bangs, but do not know which bangs are now in fashion and are they fashionable at all.

Always in fashion

We can please you - bangs are fashionable for several seasons in a row, and they are clearly not going to give up their positions on the world podiums. When choosing a style of bangs, first of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that this bang with its length and shape corresponds to your type of person, emphasizes its merits and discreetly hides all the flaws.

Modern fashion is so diverse, its boundaries are now so wide that to give an unequivocal answer to the question: “What bangs in fashion?” No professional hairdresser will undertake. Before you go to a beauty salon, try sensibly assess your appearance, face type and hair density, and then with the help of a stylist, you can already make a final choice, and we will help you to figure it all out as far as possible.

Choosing bangs by hair type

  • Thin hair.To bang out of such hair looked lush and thick, it must start from the very top and have straight, even ends at the level of the eyebrows.
  • Hard and thick hair. A bang with a thinning is perfect for this type of hair. It should be rare, rather long, and then you can easily put it beautifully. For hard hair, short and thick bangs are categorically contraindicated, which on such hair will stick to a naughty hedgehog.
  • Curly hair is usually poorly suited for haircuts with bangs, but if you really want to have it, try to get a long and rare bang laid on the side parting.

Choosing bangs on the shape of the face

  • Oval face allows its happy owner to wear almost any bangs that she just wants. The best option is classic thick bangs, straight, reaching to the eyebrows, although they can afford more extreme forms of bangs - torn or very short.
  • Square face It will be best of all to look in a frame of a long volume bang with thinned out uneven ends.
  • Round face. Owners of such a person is best to wear long oblique bangs,and although such bangs have recently been somewhat out of fashion, they are still perfect when you want to hide too wide cheekbones,
  • Long face and too high forehead. The best choice for their owner is thick, smooth bangs that completely cover the eyebrows.
  • Narrow small face. Choose a thick and neat bangs, cut above the eyebrows straight or in a semicircle, in the form of a tongue, and you will be irresistible.

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