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What can people do?

People know a lot: to think, talk, feel ... But some of our abilities do not manifest themselves in everyday life, and we are not aware of their existence before the onset of some kind of stressful or extreme situation. What can people do? What superpowers are hidden in us? And is it possible to open and develop them? We will give answers to these questions in our article.

Human superpowers

Today, no one will be surprised by such terms as telepathy, telekinesis, levitation, clairvoyance. Perhaps you have one of these phenomenal abilities. After all, you did not try, for example, to lift an object into the air or read the thoughts of a neighbor. Maybe worth a try? Let's see what are the basic superpowers of man revealed today.

Extrasensory perception

This term is called paranormal forms of perception. The most famous manifestations of extrasensory perception that were never recognized by official science are:

  • clairvoyance;
  • telepathy - the ability of a person at a distance to transmit to another person thoughts and images, as well as receive information from other psychics, without using any means of communication;
  • astral vision (third eye) - people with astral vision are able to see the subtle world, for example, the aura of man, phantoms, etc. Many parapsychologists believe that in infancy almost all people see the subtle world, but later this ability is lost;
  • biolocation - the detection of objects (for example, natural minerals, treasures) hidden under the ground;
  • telekinesis is a person’s superpower with only the effort of will to influence objects, for example, move furniture, lift objects into the air, etc.


This is a person's ability to receive information from the subtle world, including predicting the future or seeing the past of a person. A clairvoyant can receive reliable visual information about objects and people who are out of sight, sometimes thousands of kilometers away. A clairvoyant can also tell about a person from a photograph, determine his location and state of health. Another important ability of a psychic is the vision of the aura of living beings and the diagnosis of diseases according to its color. One form of clairvoyance is clairaudience, when a medium makes contact with the other world and receives audio information, for example, hears the voices of spirits.

Smell, taste, color

I wonder what else people can do? Some people have the hypersensitivity of one of the senses.

  • For example, if a person possesses a “super-insight”, then he picks up the most subtle smells where an ordinary person feels nothing. Remember the hero of the novel Suskind "perfumer"?
  • Others have “super-flavor,” that is, taste buds perceive the slightest flavor of food or drink. So it is good for people to be tasters.
  • Sound perception can be sharpened - such people have perfect pitch and distinguish between tones and semitones of music and everyday sounds.
  • A very small number of people have true light perception. For such people a range of colors is available many times more than that of an ordinary person.
  • Echolocation is first of all this ability available to bats, but also to some people. Mice make a sound and an echo determines the location of the object. Many blind people have developed a similar ability.
  • Absolute memory - a person is able to remember a huge amount of information, for example, it can easily reproduce a read book. Many autistic patients show this superpower.Remember the hero Dustin Hoffman from the movie "Rain Man"? He easily memorized complex card game combinations and kept several thousand books read in his memory.

This is not a complete list of what people can do. Scientists say that most supernormal abilities are genetically incorporated, that is, they cannot be developed. However, there are some tips for those who wish to discover and develop extrasensory abilities in themselves.

How to develop superpowers

Why not try to develop your abilities? The following methods will help you.

  • Diary of dreams. Try to memorize and record your dreams. Do any images repeat? Are dreams related to real events? Match the information, listen to the voice of the soul.
  • Meditation. Daily dive into yourself, get rid of running thoughts. You can sing a mantra to yourself. At first it will be difficult.
  • The development of intuition. Play the game "Guess who is calling or from whom the letter." You can guess the suits of inverted cards, find hidden objects, etc. Practice regularly and believe in yourself - then you will definitely discover your superpowers.

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