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What can you give to the teacher?

A set of sweets and flowers - perhaps the most common option for a gift to the teacher. However, sometimes you want to please your favorite teacher and present something special. What else can you give a teacher - read in our article.

What to give to your teacher

Primary school teacher

Undoubtedly, the first teacher will be pleased with the gift, made by hand. You can prepare a class wall newspaper, which will be posted school photos and signatures to them. The photo of the teacher can be located in the center. Let each student leave a few pleasant words to the teacher.

You can give a teacher a mug with a warm inscription, an original bookmark for the book, an unusual table lamp, a wall clock or a flower vase.

If the teacher is a man, then as a gift you can present a stylish pen decorated with a memorable engraving. You can also give a teacher a thick diary, a USB stick, or books of his favorite author.

Middle and high school teachers

Those teachers who lead various subjects at the class can give gifts based on their specialization.So, you can please a drawing teacher with a picture, a biology teacher with a delicate flower in a pot or a tree, a history teacher with a disc with popular historical films. A physical teacher can give a good whistle or a souvenir ball, computer science a computer accessory that works from a USB port (a lamp to illuminate the keyboard, a presentation kit or a table fan), and a teacher of Russian language and literature can be a gift edition of any writer or poet.

Classroom teacher

The class teacher can order a portrait made on canvas. Find an interesting photo of the teacher, for example, where the teacher is depicted with a pointer at the blackboard. You can also give an interesting accessory, for example, a tree of happiness. The souvenir looks like a small tree made of stones. The stone can be selected on the basis of the teacher's zodiac sign. Such a gift is considered a symbol of prosperity and wealth.

A male leader can be presented with a laser pointer, a gift set of stationery or an appointment desk calendar.

School management

The school principal can give a wall clock to the office,picture or floor flower composition of artificial flowers. Also, the head can please the company mug or diary. You can also give a business card holder or business card holder, a key holder or a coffee set.

A man can be presented with a business set that consists of various things (for example, a tea mug, an elite tea packaging, a decorative men's scarf and a desk calendar).

Gifts to teachers with their own hands

Teachers put their souls in their charges and therefore the best gift for them is the respect and return of their students. That is why teachers appreciate gifts made by themselves.

You can get together in class and make a video with the teacher congratulations. The teacher will preserve such a gift and will revise it in moments of sadness for the students.

You can "disguise" a box of chocolates under a cool magazine with a beautiful cover. Wrap the box with gold foil, and glue on the top with various decorations (dry leaves, stationery, flowers, beads, etc.). Glue a piece of soulful poem inside the box.


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