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What make candied fruits?

Andrey Kim
Andrey Kim
December 1, 2014
What make candied fruits?

Candied fruit is an oriental sweetness, which is a fruit of fruits, berries, and sometimes even vegetables, cooked in sugar syrup. Candied fruits - a real find for sweet teeth, wanting to go on a diet. Of course, this delicacy is also high in calories, but it is also very useful and, of course, it is much better to eat a handful of candied fruit than a couple of chocolates. In this article we will tell you what candied fruits are made of, and what features candied fruits have from various fruits.

Pineapple, melon, apples

Probably, pineapple is most often used for making candied fruits. Candied pineapple come in very different shapes - cubes, plates, tubes, etc. The main feature of candied pineapple - exceptional sweetness. For many, candied pineapple is even too sweet. The same sweet candied fruits come from melons and apples.


Candied citrus fruits are less common, but they are not as sweet as pineapple, and even have a pleasant sourness. Most often for candied citrus fruits, orange or pomelo is taken.


Candied ginger is an amateur dish, they are sweet, but they also have a pronounced tart taste. The specificity of candied ginger is not appreciated by everyone, but the benefits of ginger are enormous.

Other fruits

In general, nothing prevents to make candied fruit from any other fruit, but the ones described above are most often used. In addition, you should know that very sweet candied fruits will always come out of a sweet fruit, and you can “squeeze out” a little sourness from a sour one.


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