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What clothes to buy a girl at 14?

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Look through fashion magazines for teens - you�ll get a lot of good ideas out there. But, of course, fashion is different. It is not necessary to choose too open clothes - deep neckline, too short skirts, transparent things, tall heels are clearly not for your age. I think that mini-skirts (but not too mini) will look beautiful if there are no problems with weight - tight trousers and jeans (both color and standard colors - black, gray, brown), different dresses, beautiful tops, blouses , sweaters, jumpers of beautiful colors. Do not be afraid to choose things with a twist, but so that it really was beautiful! Do not need things hung with rhinestones, with stupid drawings, incomprehensible prints. Choose good shoes, well, don't forget about a good bag and a few accessories (earrings, bracelet, pendant).
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As for me, it�s time to stop wearing children's clothes, but you shouldn�t buy an adult at all. it looks vulgar.

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