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What does a dollar look like?

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What does a dollar look like?

The US currency, dollars - is a well-known green "bucks". But not everyone knows what 100 dollars or banknotes of a different denomination look like and especially few who know how to distinguish real banknotes from counterfeit ones.

What do dollars of different denominations look like

All dollar bills (new and old) show American presidents of different years of government (on the front side). The reverse (the reverse side of the bill) of absolutely all banknotes is united by the traditional inscription “We trust in God”. In addition, all modern banknotes are equipped with embossed prints in the area of ​​the portraits of the presidents, which are felt to the touch.

What does a dollar look like? The smallest American note, on the obverse (front side) of which is the first American president, George Washington. In addition to the portrait on the banknote, there are four numbers “1” in each of the corners,Dollaras well as traditional seals, serial numbers, etc. The reverse of the banknote on the left shows the so-called “Masonic” symbol - a pyramid with a truncated top and eye, and on the right - the national emblem.

The most common banknotes of the American currency, including the most counterfeit, is a bill in denominations of $ 20. On its face is the face of the 7th President of the United States - Andrew Jackson. On the reverse is the image of the White House.dollarAt the moment all over the world in the circulation of banknotes printed in 1996-2009. By the way, Jackson was not always depicted on this US Treasury ticket. In 1905, her obverse was decorated with a portrait of Washington, and in 1914 with Grover Cleveland. In addition, the size and patterns on the back of the banknote itself have changed throughout history.

It looks like 50 dollars: this is the second denomination note of an American bank (after 100 dollars). On the front of the banknote is a portrait of the 18th AmericandollarPresident Ulysses Grant, and on its back is the US Capitol (the building where the US Congress meets). The service life of 50-dollar bills is approximately 55 months, after which they become unsuitable and destroyed by a special service of the bank.

What does a 100 dollar bill look like?

$ 100 is the largest banknote that has been in use by the American National Bank since 1969.DollarHer obverse depicts Benjamin Franklin, and this is the only case where the US bill does not adorn the face of its former president, but an outstanding political and scientific figure. Independence Hall, the building in which the US Independence Declaration and the Constitution were signed, is on the reverse side.

On October 8, 2013, a 100-dollar bill of the new sample was introduced into circulation, which has several differences from the old one.

What does a new dollar look like?

  • on the obverse is a blue three-dimensional protective tape that runs vertically;
  • near the portrait of Franklin there is a golden “ink-pot with a bell”;
  • the number “100” on both sides of the bill changes its color from green to golden (overflows).

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