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What does blood mean in a dream

Blood is a symbol of life, spiritual power and inner energy. There are many answers to the question "why dream of blood." Opened bleeding dreams of illness, loss of strength. But it can symbolize the loss of something very important - beloved people, finances. To see the blood of a friend in a dream - to a quarrel, and the culprit will be the one who saw the dream. To get dirty with someone's blood - to spiritual closeness with him.

Alphabet of Dreams

If you have dreamed that you are shedding someone else's blood - you look at serious problems lightly. It is sensible to assess what is happening around, to take the initiative.

If in a dream the earth is covered with blood - to be in trouble. Difficult times are coming, quarrels, death is possible. To shed the blood of a loved one is a quarrel, the cause of which will be your egoism.

Dream interpretation of Nostradamus

Bleeding wound - for the holiday with alcohol and an abundance of food. The burned wound is bleeding - to great joy. The blood on the sheet or blanket - to the betrayal of his wife.

Japanese dream book

Dreaming of blood - what it is, to see clothes in the blood - a warning about the enemies who plot wiles. It is not recommended to make new friendships.Bleeding wound - to disease, neurosis, fiasco in business. Bloodied hands - to bad luck.

Dream Miller

Red, saturated blood - for health, dark or clotted - for ailment.

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Why dream of blood
Why dream of blood

German dream book

The blood is poured when receiving blows, wounds. She dreams of possible injuries under the influence of various factors.

Italian dream book

Bleeding wound - to receive harm in reality.

Icelandic Dream Book

Drink blood - for the upcoming battle.

Egyptian Pharaoh's Dream Book

A dream about blood in blood says: to be covered in blood from head to toe means to gain countless riches in speed and spend the rest of your life in celebration and fun. If you are dreaming about clothes with blood stains and you are at a loss where it came from - you will be suspected of doing something wrong. To drink human blood in a dream - you will become the owner of dubious things that you should get rid of. According to the dream book, the blood from the nose - to the acquisition of illegal goods. If a dream has been glimpsed by a person with authority, he should not be allowed to do things prohibited by law.

The dream of ancient Persia

Blood is a sign of kinship. She dreams of news from loved ones, and even to their arrival.

Eastern Dream

The dreamed blood is a bad omen. It threatens with a serious loss, up to the death of a loved one.If a dream with blood is seen on the eve of the wedding - there will be no happiness in the marriage, it will disintegrate. If the blood is on your hands, you are plotting something wrong. Sleep warns that you need to stop, do not commit evil.

Dream interpretation admirers Veles

The blood is seen to fright, shocks. You will be nervous.

Dream of the ancient Slavs

Seeing bloodied clothes is a warning about detractors seeking to hinder your career growth. Bleeding wound - to disease, failure in business. Blood on your hands - to unexpected guests.

Family Dream

To dream of blood - to see you soon with your loved ones, to the news from them.


Blood is a sign of kinship, family. Someone from the family will be injured. Sacrificial blood - to monthly.

Psychological dream book

To see blood in a dream - to talk with relatives. Transfusion - to the relative's illness, and he needs your help. Blood vomiting - to diseases of the stomach or intestines. Bruising - to blood diseases. Bloodletting - you will “spoil the blood”, that is, make a complaint, most likely - of a financial nature.

New dream book

Sleeping with blood - to meet with relatives, to the birth or death of a loved one.Blood flowing from the head - to disorder in the house, flowing from the nose - to the loss of money, ridicule. Bleed - to the loss. If you drew a blood on yourself - to shame or injury, on others - to their financial well-being. The blood of the animal - to the imminent successful completion of cases. Bright, rich blood - to the death of relatives, diluted with saliva - to the death of cousins.

Dream Vanga

Blood comes in a dream to retaliation or conflicts with relatives. An attempt to stop the bleeding from a wound speaks of a terrible longing for a deceased native person. Blood in a dream smeared clothes - a close one will commit an act that will harm your reputation. If in a dream you defended yourself and hit the attacker to the blood - a warning, you should not try to reconcile the quarreling relatives, the consequences will be bad. If you start thinking that you draw water from a source, and it turns into blood - a bad sign. There is a curse on your family that will bring much grief.

Ninth interpreter

To see blood on the ground means that there is no need to force events, to try to solve something urgently. It is better to humbly wait for change for the better and this will happen without your participation.

To wash blood stains from clothes - to the neglect of their own opinions. You rely heavily on the advice of other people, forgetting about yourself. Think for yourself, then there will be no harm.

Blood in a dream from a wound - to the occurrence of a serious problem. She will be deceiving and at first seem trifling. But in the future will bring a lot of trouble. Be carefull!

Lick the blood - to the accident involving the vehicle. Be very careful on the road, and if possible - avoid long journeys.

Dream of the White Mages

Blood stains on clothes are a warning of the evil intentions of enemies to prevent you from achieving goals. Bleeding wound - to diseases and nerves, shocks. Failure in business due to foreign partners. In general, the blood is dreaming that luck will leave you, even a tragic death is possible.

Modern dream book

His current blood dreams to migraines, foreign - to the financial well-being of that person. Pure blood - to financial well-being. Bloody spitting - to the disease, shame. Bloody clothes - to date with relatives.


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