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How not to disappoint your parents? How to be a good person, and therefore a good son? What should you do if your parents are offended by you? How to build healthy relationships with parents? All these questions can torment anyone who is entangled in himself and in relationships with loved ones. Today, we will reflect on what love and respect are, which provide us with a psychologically healthy relationship.

What does it mean to be a good son?

Questions, questions, questions, questions. Sometimes it seems that relations with parents have come to an absolute dead end and you have no answers. But it is not. There is always a way out and, often, it is not as far as you think. Many problems in family relationships arise from disrupted communications in the family system. In other words, one family member cannot adequately communicate with another family member. This leads to stagnation or stuck relationships. What threatens to get stuck? Relationships stagnate and close to a break. To prevent a break, you must first make contact with your loved one.This first contact should be you. Your parents gave you life, they made your existence a reality, so why do you need to break off relations with them? Forget about pride, as this feeling will not bring anything positive in your relationship. So. We hope that the first step towards the normalization of relations is understandable. Begin contact with parents.

The second tip is the ability to take care of your parents. Remember how strong and independent they would not seem to you, in any case, your parents need your support and understanding. You must be a good son for them. What is caring? Caring is not just "washing the dishes for yourself" or "removing dust from your table." This, by the way, is absolutely normal household chores that simply require doing without the inclusion of any high feelings and experiences. Caring is true respect and action aimed at improving a person’s condition. But what if a person tells you that he does not want your care? You need to tell him that you accept his position, but to assure you that you want to take care of him. Care is a manifestation of love.And even the coldest person who will never show emotions will feel his importance and significance, and his attitude towards you will change. Be active. Take action through which you can pay attention to your parents and loved ones. Remember that the failure to do something at the request of one of the parents is also a concern for him.

How to be in the situation when parents force you to do something that you don’t want? This is a really complicated and ambiguous question. Each family has its own individual atmosphere and rules that determine the behavior of its members. Without an analysis of the family system, it is difficult to give any recommendations. However, there are general rules that need to be remembered when talking on such topics, and if you want to be a good son. First, try to keep a calm tone of conversation. If unnecessary emotions are included, the conversation will quickly develop into a conflict that will require resolution. Secondly, remember that honesty is the best policy. Tell the truth. Explain ingratiatingly and readily available why you conceived to implement your decision. It is not worth vehemently proving your position and considering it to be the ultimate truth.After all, this is far from true. Let your parents speak, hear them and think about the words and ideas they offer you. You may find that your idea is absolutely unattractive, although earlier it might have seemed to you that this is the idea of ​​a millennium.

The main thing to remember is that your parents love you. Discount it. Do not be angry for excessive love and care. Try to answer your parents the same, although it is sometimes difficult. Being a good son is an art that requires daily exercise.


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