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What dream pies

In the main, cakes in a dream mean an addition to the family. But this is not the only interpretation of sleep. What dreams of cakes?

Dream Dream Thelomena

To see a pie in a dream - to financial solvency and prosperity, sudden joy. After seeing this pastry in a dream, expect to be added to the family.

What did you do with the pie?

Details are also important for the interpretation of dreams. If you have baked pies, wait for the life's turmoil. This incident will bring a lot of trouble, after which it is difficult to rehabilitate. Baked pie with a filling says that you will learn to protect your rights in a disputed situation. Also, such a dream suggests that the sleeper is a thin and docile person.

If you fry them, be careful about excessive flirting with men. In the relationship, be calmer and more circumspect, otherwise serious complications await you. The dream in which you bought cakes, heralds a trip to their relatives. During the trip you will learn a lot of useful information. It will bring you joy and positive emotions.If you eat patties, you will be grasped by difficulties and differences in the relationship. Do not communicate with people who are not in the circle of your friends - unnecessary quarrels and trials will bypass you.

What dreams sculpt pies

A physical or spiritual discovery awaits you, you will receive useful information that will help in the future. Cooking pies - pay attention to flirting with the opposite sex, lightheadedness you do not need. It will create new problems, which will not be easy to resolve - it will take time. Treat pies - you are trying to improve relationships with business partners. Be flexible and attentive - so you will attract them and make contact with them.

What was the filling

If you make a profit with potatoes, you will see relatives with whom you have not communicated for a long time. Pie with cabbage promises you a rest, routine work will pass you by. With jam - a romantic meeting, kisses. If you saw a poppy pie in your dream, you have unfulfilled dreams.

What dreams of many pies

Expect a fruitful acquaintance and a good meeting, pleasant cares. Visit distant relatives - this will give you positive emotions.If you dreamed of a fried pie, such a dream symbolizes your generosity, good nature, thriftness. If they are burnt, you are not doing such a perfect housekeeping business, paying little attention to guests.


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