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What does a girl dream about a fish?

Anna Mikhailova
Anna Mikhailova
March 25, 2015
What does a girl dream about a fish?

It is believed that if a girl dreamed a fish, she would soon become pregnant. However, this is not always the case. Fish may portend other events. Let us dwell on what the girl dreams about fish.

Below are interpretations of dreams from the Esoteric Dream Book, the Dream Book of Aesop and others.

Summer dream

If a girl dreamed of a living fish, then she was haunted by thoughts about children. If she was dried, then you can expect a good profit. To dream of a rotten fish - to loss or illness. If a girl in a dream bought fish, then she should be wary of slander. To see in a dream several fish at once - to defeat the enemies.

Small Veles dream

If in a dream you caught a live fish, then you will find a successful marriage. If she fell off the hook, then there is no longing for loved ones. To dream of a multi-colored fish - to poor health. If the fish was rotten, then the profit will come to the house. There are raw fish in a dream - to the loss. If in a dream you cleaned it, then soon you will fall into a good company.

Russian people's dream book

If a girl dreamed that she caught a fish, then it will be replenished in the family. If she saw the fish splashing in the water, then she would become a participant in a big trial. To buy fish in a dream - to a serious quarrel. They ate her out — to receive good news from distant relatives.

Dream Aesop

If in a dream a girl was cleaning fish, then she would have to face big problems. If she cooked food from her and treated her loved ones, then she could get a good job. If in a dream a girl saw how a big fish swallows a small one, then this is to trouble in her personal life.

Erotic dream book

If in a dream a girl dreamed a fish swimming in clear water, then she is waiting for an affair with a married man. If the fish swam in muddy water, then the girl will not meet her soul mate.


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