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What does the army give?

November 26, 2014
What does the army give?

Military conscription (or, as it is called: urgent service) was and remains the most active and necessary form of military duty, along with extra urgent and contract. Read more about what a contract service in the army, read How to serve in the army.

The essence

The name "urgent" comes from the word "term". This is the time of service that the state has established for recruits at the moment. Today, military service in the Russian Federation is twelve months. And all persons without exception of a man who are eighteen years old and who have no rights to postponement are subject to appeal.


Defense of the Motherland is the sacred duty of every man who has reached a certain legal age. Accordingly, the main task is to learn how to protect the Motherland, one’s relatives and citizens of the state from possible encroachments on sovereignty and from internal enemies. A summoned young man who took the oath of allegiance to the Fatherland, undertakes to overcome all the difficulties and hardships of military life, to obey the orders of the commanders,serve faithfully for peace and justice.

To walk or not to walk?

Young people in our country answer this question differently. Some prefer not to serve at all. They say that these are only “years crossed out of life”, they say, apart from the knowledge of how to properly make a bed and assemble automatic machines. And in terms of career development, it can even hurt. But in recent years, more and more young people want to defend their homeland, to make the service a profession. And this is gratifying, because every self-respecting young man (if he is certainly not sick) must fulfill his duty to the Fatherland by serving an “urgent” one. Read more in the article Whether to go into the army.

What does an army give a man?

  • In addition, those who want to make it their profession, as the first step, urgent service is a must. Here you acquire skills that will be useful for the rest of your life. With this you can begin your army journey. As a continuation - contract service or military school.
  • And the army is a good way to end once and for all with bad habits and carelessness, to leave bad company, systematize your life and learn how to overcome the difficulties of being.
  • The schedule of the day, which you get used to abide by, and the diet and physical exertion, which turn the youngsters into courageous representatives of the human race, is also important in this respect.

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