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What houseplants do not require frequent watering

Succulents - a special kind of color

These colors include succulents - a special kind of plants that accumulate water in succulent fleshy leaves or stems and carefully consume it. In some species, the surface of the trunk, leaves, stems is protected from excessive evaporation by pubescence or wax coating. These colors require good drainage, the ground should be light sandy, breathable. Watering them in the summer is rare, but abundant. Between irrigation, the soil should dry well, even dry out. In winter, many succulents rest and do not need watering.
The most famous indoor xerophytes are cacti. They are distinguished from other succulents by the presence of areola-modified axillary buds, from which children grow. And they also have one peculiarity - they do not form inflorescences, the flowers are single, without peduncles.Also, “milk eaters”, stonecrop, aloe, fatty, adenium, tradiscation can be referred to “low-drinking” flowers

Drought-resistant plants

Does not need frequent watering Sansevera (pike tail, Teschin language). It has tall erect ornamental leaves of dark green color with stripes. With good lighting, the “tongue of the tongue” releases a flower with small white fragrant flowers. Sansevera clears the air, kills bacteria in the apartment. Leaving this plant requires a minimum. Watering is rare - in the summer 1 time per week, and in the winter - 1 time per month. “Shchuchy tail” easily carries dry air, feels good in any temperature mode, undemanding to light.
An ideal flower for those who often leave home is Hoya Carnose or “wax ivy”. In the thick leaves of moisture accumulates and the plant can do without watering for several months. If it happens that the flower is completely dry, cut the stem from the stem and put it in the water, after 15 days the roots will appear. Hoya - flowering ampelnoe plant, inflorescences are collected from elegant pink and white stars, suitable for vertical gardening.
Another unpretentious plant grown in hanging pots is Chlorophytum. The flower is the best absorbent of indoor air. He is not afraid of temperature fluctuations, he can live for a long time in the same pot without a transplant, and endures equally easily drought and waterlogging.
Do not apply for frequent watering medicinal flower - Kalanchoe. Moisture accumulates in its fleshy leaves, so it is rarely watered. It blooms continuously and abundantly small flowers, gathered in inflorescences, umbrellas.

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