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What is a brand?

Tamara Kovalenko
Tamara Kovalenko
March 15, 2013
What is a brand?

The Russian market is filled with a huge amount of world and Russian goods, known and unknown, of high quality and not so much. Today the word brand is often mentioned. What is a brand and what does it mean?

The brand

Brand comes from the English word brand - brand.

High quality product, image, reputation, certain associations of people, at the time when they hear or see this product or service, that’s what a brand means. Not every brand is a brand, but only widely known.

The main elements of the brand are:

  • Brand name.
  • Brand image: logo, color, taste, smell, look.
  • Slogan selling not only the product, but also the company itself.
  • The story of a brand that can touch the hearts of customers

In order for a brand to be successful, it must meet several principles:

  • Quality and its continuous improvement, the creation of valuable products.
  • Respect and trust is won constantly, so as not to destroy everything in one single wrong step.
  • True. It is better to admit mistakes yourself than they are indicated by competitors or the press.

When investing in brand promotion, in the future the company will be able to maintain its brand image through small investments.

However, over time, the products become obsolete, in this case the brand may lose its strength if you do not follow the further fate of the brand. As it happened with the famous brand Polaroid.

What does brand mean? These are not only promises in advertising, but also confirmation of these promises. In addition, consumer expectations should be taken into account, this is exactly what the buyer of these brands wants to feel.


The logo is of Greek origin “logos” is a word and “typos” is an imprint. The logo expresses an individual image of the product or activity of this organization. This is a visual image (picture, text), the original image of the company, its name, activity. The logo is used on letterheads, business cards of workers, on the packaging of goods, in advertising, and is the main tool for recognition in the market. A logo is created only once, and then works for a firm or organization for a long time.


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